Former U-Haul General Counsel Laurence DeRespino Launches Dispute Resolution Firm

PHOENIX, AZ—After a prestigious career navigating complex and challenging legal landscapes, Laurence DeRespino announced the launch of DeRespino Dispute Resolution, offering specialized mediation and arbitration services.

“I’ve evaluated, managed, and resolved high stakes and complex litigation my entire career,” said DeRespino. “I’m channeling that depth of experience into mediation and arbitration, striving to strip down legal complexity to achieve fair outcomes for parties while at the same time obtaining finality and known resolutions.”

This new trajectory in DeRespino’s career allows him to use his unique experience as an outside trial lawyer, lead in-house corporate lawyer, top-tier business executive, and settlement judge to help corporate, commercial, and individual parties navigate the legal process through a myriad of substantive legal disciplines. His diverse background includes tenure as a trial lawyer with Streich Lang kna Quarles & Brady, Director of Litigation and later General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer at U-Haul, and as Judge Pro Tem of the Maricopa County Superior Court.

Parties don’t need to look any further than DeRespino’s track record to understand his commitment to dispute resolution, managing business risks, and minimizing the economic, emotional and psychological impacts of litigation. He cultivated foundational trial skills, shaped U-Haul’s national litigation strategy and approach, and conducted approximately 175 settlement conferences as Judge Pro Tem.

His areas of dispute and litigation expertise include complex commercial and business, employment, product liability, wrongful death and catastrophic injury, securities fraud, intellectual property, real estate, data breach and cybersecurity, insurance coverage, and more.

In addition, his expertise has made him a valuable arbitrator, having represented parties and serving on panels across the nation as well as developing arbitration programs for businesses, including U-Haul’s arbitration system for handling all employment and consumer disputes.

DeRespino Dispute Resolution is an invaluable resource for those seeking a creative and reasoned approach to resolving or adjudicating the complexities of legal disputes.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, interested parties are invited to contact De Respino at (602) 598-1377 or visit

About DeRespino Dispute Resolution
Founded by Laurence DeRespino, a seasoned legal expert with a storied career spanning over three decades, DeRespino Dispute Resolution specializes in mediation and arbitration services. The firm is built on the principles of integrity, clarity, and efficiency, aiming to provide equitable resolutions to complex legal disputes. With experience ranging from trial law to corporate counsel, De Respino Dispute Resolution offers clients nationwide a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence in navigating the nuances of litigation and risk. The firm’s dedication to transforming legal challenges into clear and actionable solutions stands at the core of its mission, serving individuals and businesses alike with strategic foresight and a client-centered approach. For more information visit

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