Maureen Beyers Elected Co-Chair of ABA Women in Dispute Resolution Committee

Maureen Beyers

Beyers Farrell PLLC announces that Maureen Beyers has been elected co-chair of the American Bar Association’s Women in Dispute Resolution Committee for the 2018-2019 term.

Maureen Beyers regularly serves as a mediator, arbitrator or counsel in ADR settings. In addition to her active private and non-administered ADR services, Maureen is a member of several ADR facilitation organizations including many of the American Arbitration Association’s specialized panels, such as its Large and Complex Case Panel.

Maureen has also qualified to conduct international arbitrations as a Fellow with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and one of the few Chartered Arbitrators resident in the United States. She is also on the roster of National Arbitration and Mediation. Nationally recognized as a top arbitrator, since 1995, Maureen has served as an arbitrator and chairperson in hundreds of arbitrations throughout the United States, involving a variety of complex business disputes. Maureen is regularly recognized by Best Lawyers, SuperLawyers and others for her skills as a neutral in commercial cases.

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