Legal Service Provider SUN INC Expands Services to CA, NV and FL

Seth Usifo Nwosu, MLS, CP and Dr. Cambria J. Nwosu, DNP, RN

LOS ANGELES, CA—Seth Usifo Nwosu, MLS, CP and Dr. Cambria J. Nwosu, DNP, RN, are pleased to announce the expansion of SUN INC to offer services in California, Florida and Nevada. It will continue to operate in New Jersey and Arizona.

Nwosu is a first-generation, self-incorporated legal consultant, who, together with his wife Dr. Nwosu formed Seth Usifo Nwosu Incorporated (SUN INC), to offer affordable non-attorney legal services, litigation support, and legal nurse consultant services to individuals, businesses, attorneys and government agencies throughout the United States and abroad where permitted under state, federal and international law.

Nwosu coined the acronym SUN INC as an ode to his first, middle, and last name, and his African heritage. Over the years, SUN INC has morphed into a tech-based legal service corporation by providing access to high-quality, affordable legal services remotely, without face-to-face contact with its clients.

As a certified paralegal and legal document preparer, Nwosu is trained in a variety of core legal specialties including contracts, torts, property, and criminal law. This level of expertise uniquely qualifies him to assist in the areas of legal research, legal writing, and litigation support services. Nwosu is not an attorney and therefore cannot give legal advice nor represent individuals or entities in court. Nwosu and SUN INC are authorized to enter non-attorney appearances (to advise and make administrative court appearances in administrative law proceedings) on the behalf of self-represented individuals and entities before administrative agencies.

Nwosu was recently given the opportunity to share some tips and reflections on studying international law abroad by the American Bar Association (ABA). This feature article follows the ABA Section of Litigation/Judicial Intern Opportunity Program’s (JIOP) first feature article on Nwosu as a first-generation, self-incorporated Legal Consultant, “Five Alternative Legal Careers Beyond Courtrooms and Conventional Clients.” He recently appeared with his wife Dr. Nwosu on “Arizona Midday” (NBC12 – Arizona) and “Sonoran Living” (ABC15 – Arizona) to discuss their legal service offerings. Dr. Nwosu and her husband appeared on the podcast “Winning on Main Street” (Thryv, Inc.) discussing the accessibility of justice through affordable high-quality legal services.

As a legal nurse consultant, Dr. Nwosu offers her services to attorneys/law firms, insurance companies, business & industry legal departments, forensic environments, healthcare facilities, and government agencies. Dr. Nwosu’s services include case analysis, defense medical examinations, personal injury medical record interpretation, medical malpractice, toxic tort law, complex litigation, workers’ compensation, long-term care litigation/elder law, risk management, forensic/criminal law, civil rights, employment discrimination, deposition, and trial prep.

“SUN INC was created as a result of the marketplace’s lack of access to quality and affordable legal services.” The Nwosus explain. “SUN INC is not legal aid, nor is it an attorney law firm. SUN INC exists as an alternative between legal aid and private legal counsel servicing those that cannot afford an attorney and those that do not financially qualify for legal aid.”

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