#McGlincheyForward Initiative Launched to Future-Proof Firm in Rapidly Evolving Legal Landscape

Talk of the Town Announcement

BATON ROUGE, LA – Incorporating the lessons learned throughout 2020’s year of change, and building on its strong history of evolving for the future, McGlinchey Stafford is excited to announce the launch of #McGlincheyForward, an initiative focused on effecting positive change by continuing the firm’s growth strategy, strengthening the firm’s inclusive culture, empowering the firm’s employees, and surpassing clients’ expectations with exceptional service.

#McGlincheyForward is a five-pronged effort that will empower the firm to build on its legacy and seize new opportunities for its clients, employees, local communities, and the legal industry at large:

• Change. Questioning the status quo and leaning into evolution and innovation at all levels.
• Culture. Fostering an inclusive environment that encourages diversity, trust, and leadership.
• Empowerment. Investing in mentorship, career planning, and business development.
• Growth. Monitoring the pulse of the legal marketplace to identify the next big thing.
• Gratitude. Surpassing clients’ expectations with exceptional service and lagniappe.

To learn more about the initiative, click here or listen to Michael discuss #McGlincheyForward with Eliska Plunkett, Chief Diversity Officer, on the More with McGlinchey podcast.

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