Sunstein Scores $5M Trade Secret Jury Verdict for KPM Analytics

BOSTON, MA—Sunstein LLP is pleased to announce a significant win for client KPM Analytics in a trade secret lawsuit that was decided on May 17. In KPM Analytics North America Corp. v. Blue Sun Scientific LLC et al., a Massachusetts federal jury found that KPM Analytics, a scientific equipment supplier, is owed $4.9 million for trade secret misappropriation, contract breaches, and unfair and deceptive trade practices. Sunstein attorneys John T. Gutkoski and Kevin R. Mosier represented KPM in the suit.

KPM sued Blue Sun Scientific LLC and its parent company, The Innovative Technologies Group & Co., in April 2021 for poaching key personnel, customer data and proprietary software. Following a two-week trial on the merits, the jury found that Blue Sun unlawfully used KPM trade secret information and that it and the four former KPM employees stole trade secrets and violated non-disclosure agreements and good faith covenants. The four former employees and both companies were ordered to pay separate damages based on the severity of their wrongdoing.


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