Lathrop GPM LLP Announces Release of 2023 Legal Guide to Privacy and Data Security

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Lathrop GPM LLP is proud to announce that the 2023 edition of “A Legal Guide to Privacy and Data Security” is now available.

This free resource for Minnesota businesses was a collaborative effort between the firm and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development and was primarily authored by Lathrop GPM Counsel Michael R. Cohen, PLS, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP.

The guide offers insight into a variety of privacy and data security-related laws, the impact of such laws on businesses, and best practices to mitigate risks. It covers key federal privacy and data security laws, Minnesota privacy laws, and privacy issues in the workplace, as well as compliance with global privacy and data security laws.

The 2023 edition highlights the California Consumer Privacy Act and California Privacy Rights Act, as well as data privacy laws in Colorado, Virginia, Connecticut, and Utah and other key developments from across the country. The field of privacy and data security law has seen significant legal developments recently, including new state laws, federal regulations, and enforcement actions, Cohen said, noting that 2023 likely will be a year of active enforcement of new data privacy laws following the $1.2 million settlement reached between the California Attorney General’s office and the French cosmetics firm Sephora.

“A Minnesota business that participates in e-commerce must look beyond Minnesota laws and become familiar with the multiple federal and state, as well as global laws, that govern how personal data is collected and stored,” Cohen said. “We are proud to partner with the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development on this annual guide and hope this resource is helpful to businesses in Minnesota and across the United States.”

The digital version of the 2023 Legal Guide to Privacy and Data Security can be downloaded on the firm’s website.

Cohen is a leader of Lathrop GPM’s Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Compliance Group, where he advises clients on legal matters involving intellectual property transactions. With special expertise related to information technology, data protection, privacy, and security, Cohen has been recognized by the International Association of Privacy Professionals and the American Bar Association as a Privacy Law Specialist.

The International Association of Privacy Professionals also has awarded Cohen both CIPP/US and CIPP/E certifications, recognizing his knowledge of United States privacy laws and an advanced concentration in European data protection laws. He was named a Certified Information Privacy Manager due to his ability to establish, maintain, and manage enterprise-wide privacy programs that are fully compliant with all relevant privacy laws and regulations.

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