45 Moore & Van Allen Attorneys Named to 2023 Business North Carolina ‘Legal Elite’

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CHARLOTTE, NC—Moore & Van Allen PLLC (MVA) is pleased to announce that 45 of the firm’s attorneys have been named to the 2023 Business North Carolina “Legal Elite.” This marks the firm’s largest-ever class of honorees for the magazine’s annual list of the top business lawyers in North Carolina.

Among the firm’s recognized attorneys, Rob N. Rust was the top overall vote earner among all attorneys in the state in the Corporate category.

Below are all the MVA attorneys, and the categories in which they are recognized, included in the 2023 Business North Carolina “Legal Elite.” The Young Guns category recognizes lawyers under the age of 40 who are considered by their peers to be rising stars.

Evan M. Bass (Real Estate Law)
Robert “Bobby” C. Bowers (Litigation)
Jefferson “Jeff” W. Brown (Real Estate Law)
Kathryn “Kate” Gusmer Cole (Intellectual Property)
David L. Eades (Bankruptcy)
John A. Fagg, Jr. (Criminal)
Robert “Rob” A. Fisher (Tax and Estate Planning)
John T. Floyd (Construction)
Amanda Carrano Franklin (Immigration)
Jeremy H. Godwin (Corporate)
Jeffrey R. Gray (Intellectual Property)
Stephen “Steve” M. Hader (Immigration)
Michael P. Hebert (Real Estate Law)
Mark R.A. Horn (Tax and Estate Planning)
Caitlin N. Horne (Young Guns)
Christopher “Chris” J.C. Jones (Tax and Estate Planning)
Matthew R. Kain (Tax and Estate Planning)
Joshua D. Lanning (Litigation)
Lesley Attkisson Lewis (Young Guns)
Luis M. Lluberas (Bankruptcy)
Valecia M. McDowell (Litigation)
Karin M. McGinnis (Employment)
Peter J. McGrath, Jr. (Environmental)
James “Jim” P. McLoughlin, Jr. (Litigation)
Carolyn P. Meade (Business)
Mark A. Nebrig (Litigation)
Sarah H. Negus (Employment)
Joseph “Joey” W. Norman (Business)
Paul J. Peralta (Employment)
Alan W. Pope (Bankruptcy)
Nader S. Raja (Young Guns)
W. Kevin Ransom (Intellectual Property)
Ray Wallace “McCord” Rayburn (Intellectual Property)
Rob N. Rust (Corporate)
Ben E. Shook (Litigation)
Zachary H. Smith (Bankruptcy)
Scott D. Syfert (Corporate)
Christopher D. Tomlinson (Litigation)
Scott M. Tyler (Construction)
Bradley “Brad” T. Van Hoy (Tax and Estate Planning)
Henry B. Ward III (Intellectual Property)
F. Emmett Weindruch (Intellectual Property)
Kathryn G. Wellman (Young Guns)
John A. Zaloom (Employment)
William “Bill” H. Zimmern (Corporate)

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