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Market Your Law Practice
Cole Silver

Don’t Market Your Law Practice … Alone

So, let me ask you, how much time are you devoting to client development and retention?   Do you have a workable “system” in place that

Jason Freeman
Dallas Feature
Dan Baldwin

Jason Freeman: Making Music in the Courtroom

It’s clear that Jason Freeman loves being a lawyer. He loves the courtroom. He loves the strategy and the challenges. And he really loves representing

Remote Practice
Practice Management
Katherine Bishop

Trend to Continue Remote Work on the Rise

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the number of remote legal professionals to skyrocket. And while some law firms are eager to reopen offices, others are

Elliot Sol Abrams
Attorney Feature
Bob Friedman

Elliot Sol Abrams: Passion, Preparation & Teamwork

  The briefcase carried by Raleigh lawyer Elliot Sol Abrams bears the initials S.E.A, for Elliot’s grandfather, Sol Eugene Abrams, its original owner. Elliot is

lookin' for a mind at work
Practice Management
Jeff Storms

On Your Own: Lookin’ for a Mind at Work

Some small law firms are built with the intent to remain small. Others are built with an eye towards growth. For those intending to grow,