5 Top Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Texas

Anytime a healthcare professional or institute is responsible for the injury or death of an individual during any part of the entire process of medical treatment can constitute for a malpractice suit. In Texas, a suit must be filed within two years after the completion of medical treatment or hospitalization. According to the American Medical Association, more than 34% of American doctors have been sued.

If you or a family member has been the victim of medical negligence, you need to have a fuller understanding of Texas laws concerning malpractice suits.


Here, we’ll give you 5 of the best medical malpractice lawyers  in Texas.

1. Tommy Hastings

Based in Houston, Hastings, one of many of the best medical malpractice lawyers in Houston, TX, is a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Houston Trial Lawyers Association, Houston Bar Association, among other organizations. He is also a member of the Million Dollar Advocates and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates, an extremely prestigious group of trial lawyers whose membership is based on attorneys who have won multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements.

2. Kathryn Snapka

Kathryn practice law in Corpus Christi, Texas and is an accomplished personal injury lawyer with decades of experience, beginning her legal practice in 1981. She was selected to Super Lawyers in 2003, and every year up till 2019. She has been head counsel in landmark cases which have resulted in large financial recoveries for her clients.

3. Joe Stephens

Establishing his practice in 1985, Joe heads his law firm in downtown Houston. He specializes in injury and accident law. His practice is personalized giving each case his undivided attention and time. He has never had a grievance filed against him and prides himself in the personal relationship he is able to build up with his clients.

4. Bill Liebbe

With over 30 years of courthouse experience under his belt, Liebbe has helped numerous Texans and their families who have suffered critical or permanent injuries due to malpractice. He has been board certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1987. He is also recognized as a Texas Super Lawyer, a Thomson Reuters Service, printed in Texas Monthly Magazine. His law firm practice is situated in Tyler, Texas.

5. Gabe Sassin

An Austin, Texas, personal injury lawyer, Gabriel “Gabe” Sassin, has been specializing in medical malpractice litigation since 2007. Gabe’s early career was spent defending healthcare professionals, including doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies, from malpractice lawsuits. In 2020, Gabe switched sides and began representing plaintiffs in medical claims. Over his career, Mr. Sassin has gained a unique experience in defending and pursuing hundreds of medical injury claims. With his earned insight into how these claims are defended, Mr. Sassin is able to offer his clients unmatched representation against even the largest of healthcare companies.

Don’t Forfeit your Rights

You are entitled to and deserve proper medical care during your lifetime. Medical malpractice has ruined the lives of thousands of people and their families. With exceptional attorney representation specializing in these types of suits, they can help bring back some form of normality into your life.

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  1. VAL WRIGHT says:

    On 1/1/23 we were both tested positive for covid both at home and at St Davids ER in Bastrop Tx. We were only given a cough syrup because of our kidney issues. My wife progressively got worse and went back to St Davids ER in Bastrop and she was admitted to St. Davids in north Austin on Mopac. She was there for a week and then sent home with some pills where she showed signs of improvement. She continued to show improvement until sometime in mid April where she started getting sick again, Throwing up, diarrhea, no appetite dehydration. We went to the Seton ER this time in Smithville and she was admitted to Seton on 38th st. There she stayed for around 10 days where they ran a ton of test where they determined she had a bacterial infection of the stomach lining and they sent her home. At the time of discharge she was told her liver and kidneys were fine. She showed signs of improvement for the first few days, then started going down hill. She had been out of the hospital for around 10 days and was taken by ambulance back to Seton Smithville ER where she was immediately transported back to Seton on 38th st. While at the ER the attending physician said she was in starvation ketosis . Upon arrival and review she was told her liver and kidneys were gone and she needed dialyses but they waited for 48 hours before they started it and she slipped into a coma. In addition they kept her on a jello diet when her Dr. wanted her back on normal food. When I asked why they waited so long to start dialyses I was told because her blood pressure was too low, but I was also told that the only thing keeping her alive in the comatose state was 3 drugs to raise the blood pressure. A IC Dr. came into the room where my self, my sister and my brother in law and his wife an 2 of our Grand kids and 2 sisters in video conference. He explained that there is no hope of her returning and the best thing would be to stop the 3 drug cocktail and to let her expire. With every one in the room staring at me I suddenly realized they were waiting on me to make the decision. The cocktail was stopped and she died at 6:18 pm. on 05-03-23. I’ve relived this event every single day. We were married and in love for 43 years. Here’s a list of the drugs she was given.

    Is gabapentin harmful to your kidneys?

    The mean duration of exposure to pantoprazole prior to the onset of acute kidney injury is 3 months, although it has also been reported to occur within hours of pantoprazole administration

    Both pantoprazole and lansoprazole are considered to be unsafe because of a 4- to 8-fold increase in exposure in patients with cirrhosis due to a low hepatic extraction ratio with clearance dependent on CYP2C19 function and protein binding.

    In renal impairment, tetracycline is anti-anabolic and can cause uremia, hyperphosphatemia, and metabolic acidosis; it may also aggravate preexisting renal failure. Tetracycline should be avoided in renal impairment;

    Is tetracycline safe for liver?


    Is tetracycline safe for liver?

  2. Jeremy and Belynda says:

    My mom has been urinating blood since September. She has been going to minor emergency and also to the main hospital. All facility’s are owned by the same medical Name. Every doctor she has seen just write a prescription for antibiotics. Since September not one Dr called in a specialist or referred her to one at all. Finally a Dr did do a scan and said she has a mass on her bladder. This was In the middle of December. She was even admitted for 8 days over Thanksgiving and no specialist was called in then either and still no scan to find mass. On 12/21/2022 she went back cause she felt weird and was light headed. I took her back out to the main hospital again and this time her blood pressure dropped really low. In this ER 2 doctors were talking about her past and both admitted BSA dropped the ball on this and They both could not believe that over all this time no one mentioned specialist or scan. They even came in asked her about DNR and put a port in her chest to help in case she dies. She was admitted to ICU on December 21st We have no information about mass on bladder but they have her now scheduled to remove on Dec 30th.They could have found out about the mass in September but failed to do the correct test or scan. It looks like all these Dr failed to read the history and how long she has been dealing with the bleeding. These clinic and their main hospital have failed over and over to not diagnose her properly.

  3. Danny Hallmark says:

    My wife has a back surgery where doctor removed a spur. Eight weeks later the disc gets unstable moves around so required another surgery. Third time doctor installed hardware and screwed it to stabilize. Now after MRI, one of the screws has broken and hardware is becoming unstable. Doctor and hospital admits to several patients have same issue, so now it’s a manufacturer issue. They want to do another surgery using a different brand of hardware. The hospital has advised FDA on this faulty hardware. She is still in bad pain and needs to be fixed and compusated.

  4. Debra Brown says:

    I recently went to the ER in Paris Texas where the ER doctor insisted on putting a tube in my chest with me telling him no no call my lung doctors. The tube came out of my chest when I got to my floor my room and I laid there for four days with the open wound where I became septic finally left that hospital and went to medical city where they did the repairs on me and I stayed 14 days and came home with a 24 hour anabiotic ball to my heart for another three weeks.

  5. Brenda Marek says:

    I had a Ileostomy reversal and ended up septic, I almost lost my life. I would like to speak to an Attorney regarding negligence.

  6. Lisa Grefe says:

    I’m looking for an attorney to help me with malpractice. I was given in correct medical advise.
    I had to have my right leg amputated, on Tuesday July 5th and I’m still in the hospital.
    I would like to speak with someone regar this matter please.

  7. Christine Knoer says:

    Hi, I was hospitalized at Memorial Herman City hospital in Houston on January 9th and discharged on 1/11/2021. I was getting an IV at the time in a group setting and a doctor was present. He didn’t look at my chart but asked if I wanted to be discharged that day or the next day saying it was my choice. I never saw this particular doctor during my stay. So heck, trusting in him as a doctor I opted to be discharged that day. Now my health insu is leary to pay that bill. I arrived home, and my husband bought one of those finger things that measure oxegen and heartrate. The readings were bad. He tried to buy oxegen but couldn’t. He called the hospital and they readmitted that day.

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