3 Easy Steps to Create Continuous Content for Your Law Firm

create continuous content for your law firm

Since we’ve all got a little extra time on our hands these days, now is the perfect time to really take advantage and work on your content marketing for your firm. Because social media is the biggest and most effective way of marketing right now, it’s important that you’re posting great content consistently. But consistency is hard when you have no idea what to post. If you’re like me, you’re not always so thrilled about the idea of having to create and plan out content. Lucky for you, I know the one simple way to help you never run out of content again and really connect with your audience.

This simple thing is so obvious, but I find that no matter how book smart, educated, intellectual attorneys are, you miss it! It’s right in front of you, all day every day… It’s your client’s questions and concerns.


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Your clients provide you with endless content on a daily basis. FREE. ENDLESS. CONTENT. They are coming to you with questions, concerns, maybe some misguided information they heard from someone else, success stories, and it’s all there for you to repurpose. There is no need to rack your brain trying to find new content and reinvent the wheel. You are the wheel.

Let’s talk about how you create this content

When you’re creating content, you should always create with your ideal client in mind. This means you need to know their needs, their wants and their fears. During your intake process, consultations, or even run ins with other professionals and attorneys, I’m pretty sure you’re getting all of that. I’m also pretty sure you hear the same stories all the time.  Use that information to your advantage, to create meaningful content that connects with your audience. Because, lets be honest, all your potential clients care about is how can you change their situation or improve their lives. So, do just that.

Take their concerns and do some show and tell.


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By you putting out the kind of content that speaks directly to their pain and their needs, you are not only positioning yourself as an expert, but you’re also building trust. Because now, you’re helping them to see the value in you.

Here’s how you can do this TODAY

Step 1. Make a list of three of your most commonly asked questions surrounding a particular topic.

Step 2. Decide who this content will be for (potential clients or professionals?). This is important because you will need to adjust your tone and language to effectively get your message across to the right audience. Because, remember, your ideal client probably doesn’t know what all that legal terminology is, like your lawyer friends or other professionals. So, you’ll have to water it down some.

Step 3. Use each question for a different kind of post. One for your social media platforms, one for your blog and one for your newsletter. You can even turn those three questions into a mini video series, if you’d like. Just be creative.


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If you’re trying to decide whether it’s best to write it out or create a video, it all depends on the kind of content. I personally prefer videos because I don’t really like to write. I find that I can get my thoughts across more clearly when I’m on video. I also prefer videos because I usually have a lot to say or I need to connect with my audience on a more personal level. But writing is perfect for something like this, where I’m sharing a few tips, steps and how tos. Either way, just make sure that you are providing as much value as possible and creating all your content with your ideal client in mind.

Now, I still want you to post content that’s funny and inspirational. Because I don’t want you to become boring and overwhelming with so much heavy content. It’s always better to mix it and spread it out. But when it comes time to educate and inform, this is how you do it.

So, there you have it. It’s really just that simple. You can do this time and time again and never run out of content. Hopefully this will solve your consistency issues and help you build that online presence. It’s definitely worked for me.

Oh! One last thing … Don’t use your content to sell yourself. Use your content to be a resource, build relationship and trust. If you do that, you won’t have to sell. Because trust is the real gold. Trust is what will bring the clients and the revenue.

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