Raleigh Columns

Catherine Reach Sandersa
Craig Petronella

Cybersecurity Ethics Requirements

“Are you encrypting your hard drives, are you encrypting your servers, are you encrypting your data in transit and in storage? the answer should be

Federal Reserve
Patrick Yanke

Understanding the Federal Reserve (The Fed)

All eyes are on the Federal Re-serve System (the Fed), its board of governors, and the Federal Open Market Committee as long-dormant inflation is rising

law firm buying trends
Practice Management
Camille Stell

Law Firm Buying & Selling Trends

The market for buying and selling law firms continues to grow. Established firms and attorneys are looking for succession or sale due to attorney retirement,

Roe's Reversal
Milan T. Pham

The Ripple Effects of Roe’s Reversal

Following the Alito leak, the initial outrage and vocal panic of advocates for self-determination had settled back into the deep unease of legal limbo and