Is Bankruptcy in Philadelphia Worth It?

Financial decisions are often some of the most difficult to make. Not only are you taking your own well-being into your hands, but also your family’s future. Those in debt often contemplate whether or not to file for bankruptcy as a way to regain their financial footing. Those considering bankruptcy in Philadelphia may ponder is a bankruptcy really worth the credit hit or legal hassle. Oftentimes, the answer is an absolute yes!

Bankruptcy in Philadelphia Keeps Your Property Safe

Every family deserves to have a place to call home, but debt can often complicate that. Overwhelming mortgage payments often leave individuals struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month and can drive them right into foreclosure. By choosing bankruptcy, homeowners can protect their houses and property by getting more manageable payment options in place and stop foreclosures.

Recover Your Budgeting Ability

Even if you are not facing losing your home, we know that debt can make it impossible to get one’s finances on track. An untimely repair bill or a trip to the emergency room can be hard to recover from. People find themselves living paycheck to paycheck as they struggle to cover their bills. Even those who formulate strong savings plans can feel overwhelmed by debt that is simply bigger than their income. By choosing bankruptcy, you can see your payments diminish to a few hundred dollars – giving you the ability to start budgeting wisely and securing a safety net to keep you from incurring additional debt.

Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lets You Pave the Way for the Future

You work hard at your job in Philly— the money you make needs to be put towards securing your financial future through retirement savings, college funds for your kids, and investment opportunities. If you are weighed down by debt, all of these important investments can seem impossible. Once the debt is eliminated through bankruptcy, you can start to put a smart financial plan in action to achieve these goals. Many families see their monthly payments fall from thousands to only hundreds of dollars following bankruptcy! The additional security will also help you rebuild credit faster, with many filers rebuilding good credit within 18 to 24 months. Not only are you making the future brighter for yourself, but are also paving a healthy path for your children and grandchildren to be better off.

Easy to Start

Many people put off filing for bankruptcy simply because the legal process itself can seem too overwhelming or unaffordable in their current situation. At Sadek Bankruptcy Law Offices, we understand that those drowning in debt can’t add on legal fees to their monthly expenses. Because of this, we are proud to now offer a zero-down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy plan to our Philadelphia County clients. Don’t wait to feel your relief at some point in the future while you suffer from debt and COVID-19 related financial changes in the present. Through this plan, you can get started toward a bankruptcy without paying any legal fees upfront. Once the bankruptcy is on its way, we will then work with you on this payment plan to help you feel the financial relief you need now.

Pursuing a bankruptcy in Philadelphia can seem huge, however, it is a decision that is well worth your time. And now, it is simpler to get started than ever before. Here at Sadek Bankruptcy Law Offices, we work to make the process easy and affordable. Contact our attorneys today to find out more about our zero-down bankruptcy options!  You deserve to have your finances under your control!

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