Federal Criminal Defense Bank Fraud Case Break Down

When handling cases in the criminal justice system, many times it is the lawyer that has a lot of experience and has built up relationships over time with the prosecutors and judges involved in that system who is able to get the best results for his clients.   Linder’s father was involved in the criminal justice system for 40 years and Phillip Linder himself has been involved in the criminal justice system for a combined 30 years as a prosecutor, a judge, and a criminal defense lawyer.  He has also been president of the local criminal defense bar association in Dallas, Texas, and is Board Certified in Criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

The Breakdown

Linder’s lengthy experience in the criminal justice system was an essential element in the recent successful representation of a Dallas woman whose husband had just been sent to federal prison for bank fraud. She had been married for more than thirty years and had children, grandchildren, and large financial obligations.   Even though she was well educated, she had no career to fall back on in order to meet her family’s financial needs.

During the course of their marriage, she and her husband had built up a sizable estate with houses in Dallas, North Carolina, and Aspen, Colorado.  In addition, they had numerous automobiles at each of their homes and also multiple retirement and investment accounts.

However, when her husband, who was the president of a bank, was convicted of federal bank fraud in early 2020 and sent to prison, the United States Attorney’s Office put liens on their homes, and all of their assets.  In addition, they froze all of their bank and investment accounts. The wife called her family law attorney, Chris Lake, who in turn called Linder. “Because of my family’s long involvement with federal law enforcement and my 30 years of experience in the criminal justice system, I was able to figure out which federal agency had seized all of their assets. I was able to reach out to the supervising attorney at the United States Attorney’s Office, and over a period of a few months was able to negotiate the release of the bulk of her assets.”

“I was able to get the United States Attorney’s Office to release the liens on the homes and let us sell two of them privately which netted my client substantially more money to satisfy the federal judgment than would have been obtained had the government sold the houses themselves at an auction.  This also allowed her to keep her third home and freed up the bank accounts and a substantial portion of the retirement assets”.

“She was then able to get back into her house with enough money and property to support her family. That’s something a lawyer without my knowledge and experience in the criminal justice system would not have been able to do,” Linder says”.

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