How to Appeal a Denied Auto Insurance Claim in Edmond, OK

appeal denied auto insurance claim
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Being involved in an accident when driving a car can be a challenging situation. If you are in an accident when on the road, you could incur a variety of damages to your vehicle and incur bodily injury. All of these costs associated with the accident can add up quickly. Fortunately, most drivers will have an auto insurance plan in place that will provide the support that they need to cover the damages.

While most auto insurance providers are willing to pay for claims related to their insured’s accidents, there are situations in which a claim could be denied, or you will receive less support than expected. If this is the case for you, it is still possible to appeal the insurance provider’s decision and have your damages covered. If you do want to appeal an auto insurance provider’s claim denial, it is important to follow the right process as it can help ensure that you receive a fair appeal decision. There are several tips and steps to follow after you have an auto insurance claim denied in Edmond, OK.

Understand Why Claim was Denied

If your auto insurance claim was denied, the insurance provider should provide detail about why your claim was denied. Some common reasons for this can include that your accident was not covered under the policy, the damages exceed your coverage, or you have had a lapse in coverage. In some cases, these may be valid reasons, but others could be complete mistakes. In either situation, working with someone to better understand if your claim should have been approved is important.

Hire an Attorney

Once you have received notice that your claim has been denied and why it was denied, you should hire an attorney to work with you. Most insurance companies make the process of filing a claim easy but the appeals process can be more challenging. Due to this, it never hurts to have an attorney by your side to ensure your claim appeal is filed the right way.

When you hire an attorney to help with your claim denial appeal, the first thing they will do is provide a full consultation. Your attorney will be able to review all relevant information regarding your accident and case to come up with a conclusion about whether your claim should have been approved. This includes reviewing and reading accident reports, medical reports, police reports, and reviewing your insurance policy. Based on this review and assessment, they will be able to determine whether your claim should have been approved and help you move forward with an appeal.

Preparation of Appeal

Through the support of your attorney, you should have good insight into whether an appeal of your insurance claim denial is valid and will be approved. IF you determine that you would like to fully appeal your auto insurance claim denial, preparing the appeal with the guidance of your attorney is very helpful. The process of appealing an insurance claim denial normally includes writing a formal appeal letter, which will be drafted by your attorney.

This letter will need to outline a variety of facts including information about the accident, costs incurred, coverage information about your insurance policy, and a declaration of why the appeal should be overturned. The letter should clearly identify and connect why the costs that you have incurred should be covered by the policy. The letter should also clearly identify what your request is in terms of insurance support and reimbursement.

Submission of Appeal

Once the information has been properly gathered, the next step is to submit the full appeal package. This process will need to include submitting your appeal letter, all photographs and other evidence, and other relevant documentation. Depending on the insurance provider, you may either have to send in a letter or submit an appeal request online through their online portal. Even if you are able to submit your claim online, you should ensure that you do send a certified letter with another copy of your appeal to the insurance company. This will give evidence that the appeal was submitted and also start the clock for when they need to respond to your appeal.

The amount of time that the insurance company has to review and make a decision on an appeal will vary from one company and situation to the next. They should provide you with an estimate for how long it will take. It is important to continue to call and follow up on the status of the appeal. If your appeal is denied, you do have other options as well.

Submit a Complaint

All insurance companies within a state are regulated and governed to some degree by a state insurance department. Filing a complaint can be a good way to inform the department that you are not being treated fairly. Following their review, they can help provide further support and when trying to have the claim approved and paid by your insurance provider.

Go to Court

The final option that you have when it comes to an insurance claim denial and appeal is to go to court. Going to court for an insurance claim is rare and should only be pursued if you are out of other options. This process will typically involve filing a civil lawsuit against the insurance company first. Most of the major insurance companies will already have an attorney on staff to manage these situations. Filing a lawsuit will typically result in trying to come to a settlement and agreement related to your claim. Your attorney can help you prepare your lawsuit filing and handle all negotiations with the other party. If necessary, they can also provide many services that are needed to ensure your case is properly presented in the civil court.

Having an auto insurance claim denied can be frustrating and stressful. If you have an insurance claim what should be approved and covered but was denied, you have rights and should hire legal representation. When you are denied coverage and treated unjustly by your auto insurance carrier you should reach out to the team at Doug Terry Law. The insurance professionals here can offer a range of services that will ensure you receive the insurance support that you are entitled to and that your rights are properly represented.

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