What Legal Recourse Do I Have If I’m Burned?

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When burn injuries happen, it can be one of the most excruciating pains a person can receive that may take several years to a lifetime of recovery and multiple surgeries. The damages Houston burn injury lawyers will seek cover each victim’s financial status and well-being. They also will fight for justice and get their clients’ punitive damages, especially if negligence is involved. The rewarded prices can go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions if the injuries completely alter the lives of the victims and those who must care for them.

Out of the many injuries, burns are the hardest to recover from, and some will never have the option because they are injured to the point of disfigurement. Listed below is a brief list of what the lawyers may go after in damages:

  • Punitive damages;
  • Medical bills;
  • Lost wages;
  • Pain and discomfort;
  • Caretakers and those who sacrifice to help out the victims;
  • Medication and any medical devices are needed for mobility and other functions of life;
  • Loss of pleasures in life;
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Punitive Damages

This is where justice meets punishment if any form of negligence is involved in any injury, including severe burns. Negligence is when a place of work is unsafe, and one of the workers is injured due to a malfunction or safety hazard that could have been prevented. These situations happen when there is cutting corners on spending money, unsafe habits, or no safety involved within a company. The managers and company have complete knowledge something is wrong, and they refuse to fix the problem. Burns are more common in chemical plants or restaurants but can happen anywhere.

Medical Bills

When a case is won, the lawyer is the first person to get paid, and they will take their cut right off the top. The next bill is the primary reason most rewards in cases are so high is to cover the cost of medical bills. The hospital stays, doctor bills, and overall needed care can go as high as in the hundreds of thousands, especially if the victim has to seek medical life care.

With burn victims, skin graphing, plastic surgery, doctor visits, and hospital stays are a must, and it is costly. Many times, it will take more than one session for victims with severe burns. The treatments are excruciating, and the hospital and doctor bill does not add relief. As the patient heals, plastic surgery may help with the burn victim’s appearance, so it is mainly recommended if it will help.

Lost Wages

When the situation happens at work, Worker’s Comp will pick up an employee’s wages after the vacation and sick time is spent. Sometimes they do not always play by the rules because Worker’s Comp is an insurance company.

The total wages are not paid to begin with, and they may not pay for as long as they are supposed to in certain situations where the person may be injured for life. This is when a good lawyer can fight the good fight with the Worker’s Comp insurance and get the money to their client along with any back pay owed.

Most of the figures are until the person retires if the injury is for life and the victim can no longer work. There are times when disability insurance may pick up the tab until retirement kicks in from Social Security. These are all factors the attorney will look into if necessary.

Pain and Discomfort

This client reward is not an easy figure and does not go for the same amount for each individual. A few factors are taken into consideration when rewarding victims with pain and discomfort compensation.

  • On what pain level is the client receiving 1-10;
  • Is the pain frequent or periodically;
  • Is the pain disabling;
  • What type of pain (burn, fracture, loss of limb, etc.) and where the pain is located (face, back, limbs, etc.);
  • Emotional or mental distress.


If the caretaker is a family member or spouse, they will receive compensation as well. Those who hire someone to take care of them will determine how much per hour is paid, and the compensation will cover the cost. The amount of time is also a factor, whether it is only for a few months, years, or for life.

Medication and Medical Devices

The compensation from this may also fall under Medical bills. Pain medication for burn victims is top on the list, plus any medication for infections or other healing creams that may comfort the victim. Any medical devices used during the recovery process are also covered in the cost and figuring for the reward settlement.

Lost of Pleasures in Life

Along with not being able to work, a person will also not be able to enjoy life the way they used to. Pain or disability may play a factor in limiting functions and mobility and also travel if they are severely injured. Think about what a person misses out on recreation, trips, vacations, hobbies, visits, and much more. Even rest and relaxation can be interrupted when pain takes over the body. The judge will consider all of this and, according to how much recreation is lost.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

The amount of time rehab and physical therapy needed depends on the extent of the injury and the client’s will to cooperate and get better. Everyone is different, and some may have to continue to go to physical therapy if they have to have continual surgery and skin graphs. There is no set time limit, but the cost is factored in with the compensation. Physical Therapy is the last step to full recovery if there is a chance.


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