Be Kind to a Lawyer Day 2020

Be Kind to a Lawyer Day
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In honor of #BeKindToALawyerDay, we are asking our readers to share a kind thought about a lawyer in their life. 

My brother, Greg Boan, the owner of G.E.B. Global is not only a compassionate attorney, but heavily involved in his community. His number one goal is to give his clients the opportunity to live their “American Dream,” and walks by their side every step of the way. During these unprecedented times, he’s given clients peace of mind through Zoom consultations, texts, calls, and emails so that their status is the last thing they need to worry about during the quarantine. He doesn’t only give immigration advice, he also consults on contracts, insurance, and various other legal questions families and businesses have when they first move to the U.S. or are preparing to move here. He’s inspired me to become knowledgeable on things indirectly connected my line of work so that I too can give my clients a well-rounded service.

— Ysset Boan, Miami

Monique Pressley is my modern day shero. Ms. Pressley is an attorney in Washington D.C. Her on-camera presence is amazing! I am influenced by her “trial-style” and admire how she asserts her intelligence and wit to zealously defend her clients.

— Lauren Dyer, The Office of the Public Defender Florida’s 4th Judicial Circuit, Jacksonville, FL

This is truly still an apprenticeship profession. You can’t get all the skills you need to learn in law school, so you really do learn on the job. Dan Grimsrud has been phenomenal at providing me with guidance. … I can’t say enough good about the mentor Dan has been.

— Elizabeth “Libby” Davydov, Best & Flanagan, Minneapolis, MN

Regla Sibila has become my “law mom” and we have built a fabulous relationship outside of the courtroom. She has taught me that life should be enjoyed, accept the things that happen and the fact that there are some things that you cannot change. She has taught me that family, above all, is what matters and that one must create a healthy family/work relationship.

— Karim Batista, Law Offices of Karim Batista, Miami, FL

I joke and say former U.S. Pardon Attorney Ronald L. Rodgers “raised me DOJ” and he’s my “Godfather.” He is one of the smartest, patient, supportive, and inspirational individuals that I have ever met in my life.

Tammy Allison Holloway, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Grand Prairie, TX


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