If I Couldn’t Be a Lawyer, I’d Be …

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Athletes in Law Special Issue

In the latest READERS RESPOND, we asked attorneys to tell us what profession they would’ve pursued if they were unable to be a lawyer or what they’d pursue now if they had to make a career change. 

I would be a sideline reporter for Monday Night Football because I love football. I like to get inside people’s minds, so doing behind-the-scenes interviews with players would be very interesting.
Perhaps, I would have pursued a career in some part of the philanthropic world in order to make an even greater positive impact on the world by providing financial support to those with creative ideas and passion.
I think I’d like to be a contractor, building houses or buildings. I love the soup to nuts aspect of the job and the opportunity to have a vision for what a space could offer inside and out, to plan what it will look like and how people will live in and use it, and then deconstruct that vision into small actionable elements and knock them off until one day, you look back and you know … you’ve built a whole house. I think that would be satisfying.
I love musical theater. I would design stage sets on Broadway.
I would be a brain surgeon, but I have big, shaky hands.
I would open up my own bike shop or become a real estate investor.
I would run a catering company. I love to cook.

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Tell us what career you would pursue if you could no longer be a lawyer and why. 

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