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Elaine M. Simon
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Elaine M. Simon of Elaine M. Simon, Marital & Family Law Attorneys might have chosen any number of career paths, but the practice of law was intrinsic to her nature. “I feel as though the law was always a part of me,” she says. “The ability to have a positive impact on others was something that just felt right. I certainly have a strong sense of justice for everyone and the practice of family law has allowed me to do just that.” Simon received her Juris Doctor from Syracuse University College of Law in 1999. She later attended Widener University School of Law earning her LL.M. in health law.

Originally, she intended to apply her LL.M. in a health law context; however, her interest rapidly turned toward family law. More than 16 years later, she has built a successful practice in Florida, serving clients in a broad range of marital and family law issues.


Over the years, Simon has often been in front of Ret. Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Amy Smith. “In that time, I have developed great admiration for her,” she says. “Judge Smith has always been well-respected by attorneys and parties who have been before her in the courtroom. Having known her has made me a better lawyer. Her absence on the bench will be felt by all.”


Highly regarded by her peers as well as clients, Simon is described by colleagues as a strong negotiator, a persuasive litigator and a champion of all individuals, particularly those facing disabilities or health issues. Simon’s experience, professionalism and approach to the practice of law, has earned her many awards based on nominations received by clients and other professionals.

Simon doesn’t just have many satisfied clients, she has raving fans and has reviews that speak volumes about her and her practice, even being recognized by Representative Bill Hager with the Florida House of Representatives for being honored as a Top 10 Law Firm for Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys.


One of the cases that Simon is most proud of achieving included a successful result for her client in a modification of a paternity case, allowing her client and children to relocate out of state. With the help of a forensic psychologist, Simon was able to prevail in this heavily litigated case aft er a three-day trial.

Beyond creating a cultural focus on client satisfaction and dedication to each case, Simon has implemented a technology-forward atmosphere. “My legal team strives to stay up-to-date on the latest legal technology,” she says. “In fact, we’ve become quite a virtual and accessible firm. We don’t embrace the latest trends just for the sake of it; we identify the right tools that will help us better serve clients and stay ahead on the service curve.”

Simon is also currently defending a modification case where she originally represented her client in dissolution of long-term marriage, obtaining permanent alimony for the woman who was suffering from lupus. Subsequently, the same client returned to Simon, when her former husband served papers to try to terminate that alimony. Simon has, and will remain the rock her client needs to fight to preserve her present and future support.

There was also a special needs case in which her client had a child with Down syndrome. Weaving through the technical social security and specific therapy needs of the child, Simon made sure her client would have lifetime child support, as well as a structured arrangement addressing the child’s potential medical needs and therapies outlined appropriately in the parenting plan.


Simon is able to balance a successful career and practice while being a divorced mother of two teenage boys. “My own family situation gives me perspective on what my clients are going through during the divorce, but also what they will be facing in the years following. This experience is helpful for my clients when negotiating agreements.

“No one plans to get divorced,” she adds. “When that time comes, however, I do what I can to make the process easier and less traumatic for all concerned. Basically, it comes down to treating people professionally and working toward meeting my clients’ needs, managing their expectations and successfully concluding their cases.”


Harnessing her natural entrepreneurial spirit and her knowledge from her international business degree, Simon made the inevitable decision to start her own practice. Sixteen years later, Elaine M. Simon, Marital & Family Law Attorneys is made up of a team of lawyers and paralegals who are delivering on the clear vision of the kind of practice Simon wanted to build.

As the managing attorney, Simon takes a hands-on approach to her law practice, treating her staff and clients as she would want to be treated. “I have to admit, I enjoy the management side of the law,” she says. “Many lawyers aren’t prepared for the day-to-day responsibilities of operating a practice. They just want to practice law. I fully appreciate that; I just happen to love both sides.”


Simon has a sister who was born with severe disabilities. “Disability hits home for many people,” she says. “There are so many people out there facing some kind of challenge either personally or through someone they love. And when they are faced with family law issues, those matters oft en become more complicated. They need someone to be their voice. It’s a role I feel destined to fulfill.” This humanitarian nature was deeply engrained in Simon by her parents from an early age.

All legal matters are critical and oft en emotional for those involved, however, there is a particular sensitivity surrounding cases of a family law practice. It’s not typically a stranger litigating against another stranger, or corporations fighting over business contracts. The issues that Simon, and other family law attorneys face hit much closer to home. Husbands and wives, parents and children, and it’s inevitable that everyone feels the pressure. Stakes are high and so are emotions.

Family law takes a special type of person, one who can be tough, decisive, and ready to fight for her clients, yet at the same time, have a compassionate and nurturing nature to help ease these troubled clients through one of the worst experiences of their life. That’s the kind of attorney Simon is. Tenacious, fearless, and, when necessary, a fierce opponent, who also happens to love her practice and will continue to strive to meet the needs and high standards of her clients, her staff and herself.

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