Ese Omofoma: From Creativity, a Law Practice

Ese Omofoma

Attorney at Law Magazine Los Angeles sat down with Ese Omofoma to discuss his career.

AALM: When did you first know you wanted to become an attorney? What drew you to this career?


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Omofoma: I was about 10 years old and I remember watching the O.J. Simpson trial and being fascinated by his team of lawyers, each with their own specialty and personality. Their presence commanded the entire courtroom. I obviously didn’t understand everything that was going on at the time but I was instantly hooked with the art of presentation and effective communication. It also didn’t hurt that I loved to argue since the time I came out of the womb.

AALM: What experiences have taught you the most?

Omofoma: Graduating law school in the middle of a recession. The legal profession was in shambles from a hiring standpoint and getting an interview let alone a job seemed impossible. That entire experience reminded me that no one owed me anything. Just because I thought I was doing the right things with my education and following my dreams didn’t mean good things would just fall into my lap. Instead, I was forced to stay hungry and to be creative. I made a decision that no matter what happened I was going make it happen. It was a humbling experience and I’m a better person and attorney for having gone through it.


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AALM: What do you find particularly rewarding about being an attorney?

Omofoma: As a criminal defense attorney, people come to me when they’re likely going through some of the worst moments in their life and need help. I take this responsibility very seriously and take pride in the work that I put in on behalf of my clients. I especially get fired up when someone has been wronged, mistreated or taken advantage of. In these situations, I become addicted to the fight and will work tirelessly for justice. Attorneys are often referred to as counselors and I think a big part of the job is listening and getting to know our clients as people instead of just as cases.

AALM: What do you find particularly challenging about your practice? How to you overcome these challenges?

Omofoma: In my practice area, no two days are the same. It doesn’t matter how well planned out your day or week is, one phone call or one visit can scrap everything and you have to be able to adapt quickly. And the things that you had planned still must be taken care of, so time management and discipline are essential in making sure everything gets handled properly. The uncertainty is also welcoming because I know I won’t be stuck in the office all day staring at a computer.


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AALM: What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Hobbies? Sports?

Omofoma: I’m very competitive, so I enjoy playing sports whenever I can, which unfortunately is not as much as I would like. I love playing basketball and dodge ball. I recently began golfing and hike on the weekends when I have time.

AALM: What do you most hope to accomplish in the future?

Omofoma: Continue to grow my law practice to the point that allows me to do more trials. I love being in trial and hope one day to make this the majority of the work that I do, while my team helps out with more of the day-to-day aspects of running a law practice.

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