Jaelynn Jenkins

Jaelynn Jenkins
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Jaelynn Jenkins set off to college with the intent of becoming a marriage and family therapist. As graduation neared, she became interested in the legal field. “My professor recommended I go to law school, suggesting I would always want more if I stopped short of a law degree,” she said. “Earning my law degree has been one of the best decisions of my life.”

Today, Jenkins practices business law, estate planning and trusts, securities law, adoption, family law and general litigation.


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“My practice is rooted in my own personal interests in financial stability for families, dynamics of families under stress, and creating and developing strong businesses. As I develop my own practice, I am very fortunate to receive training from my father, Scott Jenkins, a lawyer, with over 30 years of experience in several of these areas.”

Beyond her father, Jenkins has had several other attorneys to help shape her into the lawyer she is today. “Without those who encouraged me to enroll in law school and those who guided me through my first years of practice, I would not be here today,” she said. “My mentors come from the Women Lawyers of Utah and the young lawyers division board members, as well as, Sammi Anderson, my official New Lawyer Training program mentor.”

Having received such strong guidance from her own support team, she truly sees the value of community for attorneys. “Connecting is key for both personal and professional success,” she said. “The connections and friendships become your support systems in hard times and your cheerleaders during the successes.”


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Looking to the future, Jenkins aspires to become a leader in the Utah legal community. She is currently exploring teaching and judiciary opportunities. “I feel strongly about mentoring others and hope that in the future I will be known for encouraging others as my mentors have encouraged me,” she said.

In looking over her career, Jenkins notes that some of her most rewarding work has come from her volunteer opportunities. “Recently, I volunteered for the young lawyers division’s Wills for Heroes program, preparing simple estate planning documents for first responders. This project is close to my heart because of my experience working closely with officers in the Fourth District Court’s law clerk and bailiff program.”

It is her work as a law clerk, however, that left her with the most defining experiences. “Working for both Judge Davis and Judge Pullan allowed me to see a wide variety of cases, some reaching national notoriety. Assisting these two judges in their work and observing their professional demeanor taught me a great deal about civility and integrity in the practice of law,” she said.

Now as a private practitioner, Jenkins tries to balance this integrity in the practice of law with the necessity for business acumen. “It is my greatest challenge,” she said, “finding the time to both refine my legal and my business skills. The process is exhilarating.”


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Jenkins must be doing something right as one of her former Gonzaga Law classmates announced that if he ever needed legal representation he would be calling her because of how carefully she prepared. “It was one of the best compliments I have received,” she said.

Outside the office, Jenkins is quite the social media butterfly. “My colleagues and friends would be shocked to learn I once considered Twitter pointless,” she said. “I am happy to say I recognized the error of my ways.” She now maintains both a personal account and the Utah young lawyers division account (@UtahYLD).

Having recently joined Fetzer Simonsen Booth Jenkins as an associate, Jenkins looks forward to learning more under their training.

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