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“I love words. Words can hurt or heal, and they can be used to win or lose. They describe and explain things so they have to be correct. That’s why I have made a living with them by trying my best to put the correct words on paper; getting it right is essential. I have to give my clients the best most accurate transcripts I possibly can because I know that they will be using my transcript in court, whether it be for the plaintiff or defendant,” says Marybeth Abodeely, owner of MBA Legal Transcription, Phoenix.

MBA Legal Transcription has been serving the Phoenix legal community for 20 years providing expert transcription of hearings, interviews, (client, witness, local investigative, federal investigative, insurance) depositions, trials, phone messages and phone conversations, 911 calls, as well as transcription of the same including meetings, testimonials, media broadcasts, and webinars through YouTube, Skype and Go- ToMeetings for businesses and private clients. The firm primarily serves the greater Phoenix metro area, but is prepared to provide these services for the entire state.

Abodeely says her services are thoroughly professional and proven, but it is her nearly 24/7 commitment to her clients that sets her firm apart. “I believe I am the only transcription service working seven days a week. Therefore, a busy attorney or paralegal can call me at their convenience which sometimes is after regular office hours or weekends. I received such a call from an American business client in Hong Kong, which is 15 hours ahead of Arizona, so I pulled an allnighter to complete the job. Now that was a challenge.”

Although her firm is a one-woman business, she has a number of equally highly skilled transcriptionists on-call to help handle large or more complex jobs. Abodeely describes her management style as “professional in a very nice way” even though she is a demanding manager. The team works virtually. “I don’t accept errors or mistakes at this level of professionalism, skill and importance. It’s imperative to me that I provide perfection if humanly possible. The ladies who work with me know and appreciate that,” she says.

Abodeely was taught how to type by her mother at an early age on an old Underwood typewriter that was like “handling a Mack truck.” But even at that young age, she found it fun and challenging and couldn’t wait to taking typing courses in high school. This led to lessons in transcription, which, later in life, combined with a great respect for criminal and civil law morphed into a profession, a career and a business.

She began her legal career by working as a legal secretary for a divorce lawyer in her hometown of Toledo, then upon moving to Phoenix, had the unique experience of working in a law office for Janet Napolitano. “In discovering that I had a passion for assisting the defense and the prosecution through the art and science of transcription, I decided to hang out my own shingle and pursue my passion. I continue to learn a lot about the good and bad of human nature, and the twists and turns in peoples’ lives as they go through the processes of our legal system.”

Although she is on-call seven days a week, Abodeely makes time for sports Saturdays, attending whatever sports her grade school niece and nephew are participating in. “I gladly bring the snacks. I’m a very proud aunt and a great cheerleader.” There’s nothing better. She supports the Arizona Humane Society and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital among others.

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