How Can I Replace My Registration in MA?

How Can I Replace My Registration in MA
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If you have lost the physical copy of your vehicle registration in Massachusetts, this discovery could lead to an uncomfortable interaction with a police officer during a traffic stop, another person you have been involved in an accident with, or any other situation where you go to reach into your glove box to get that important piece of information and feel the blood drain from your face as you realize that it’s missing. Although the paper copy of your vehicle registration may seem like an archaic and unnecessary document when technology is so ubiquitous and access to databases so simple, but you may still find yourself being cited for not having that important piece of paper—or worse.

Regardless of what happens when you discover that your registration is missing, you will need to get a replacement copy in order to replace the missing document and hopefully avoid any future issues when you need to prove your identity and the registration information about the vehicle. Additionally, if you’ve received a citation, it may be advisable to work with an attorney who handles cases related to the Register of Motor Vehicles. The attorney can help ensure you get your registration back, help you get your license reinstated or anything else. Working with the RMV is notoriously frustrating, so remember that help is there if you need it.



Read more below about how to get your registration replaced in Massachusetts.

Apply For a Replacement Registration Online

One of the easiest ways to get your registration replaced in Massachusetts is to apply online for a replacement and pay a one-time fee of $25 through the web portal. In order to submit your application online, you will need to visit the RMV’s registration replacement page and submit all of the relevant information for your request. You will then be able to select your delivery preference and can get back on the road with this legal documentation intact and present.

Apply For a Replacement Registration By Phone

If you would prefer to submit your application by mail, then you will be able to do so instead of applying online or in person. Keep in mind that this option will require that you provide your payment information over the phone as well, and that you will need to wait longer than if you were to order online or in-person (although some people may feel that waiting in person takes longer than anything!). You can call the RMV’s Contact Center at 857-368-8000 to begin this process.

Apply For a Replacement Registration in Person

If you want to get a copy of your registration in your hands without needing to deal with getting the copy online or by the mail, then your option is to do it in person, either at an RMV Service Center or a AAA branch that offers RMV services (if you belong to AAA). To find the RMV center closes to you, check the RMV website. You will need to plan your day accordingly so that you can get to the center while they are open, and to be sure that you will have time to wait for your number to be called when you are waiting.


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  1. Eddie Lee says:

    Please could you assist me with obtaining a copy of the vehicle registration document for a vehicle to be shipped to the United Kingdom that I have just purchased from the Executor of the Will of the only owner of the car. I can send all the relevent documents for the sale but there is no title as not issued at that time but a copy of the registration is required urgently. This can be sent to the Executor in New Hampshire where the vehicle is located. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    Eddie Lee

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