10 Methods for Advertising a Legal Practice

What is one way you effectively market a legal practice?To help lawyers with their marketing efforts, we asked marketing specialists and law experts this question for their best advice. From joining a law directory to creating SEO-powered content, there are several strategies that may help you advertise your law practice to grow your business. 

Here are 10 methods for advertising a legal practice: 


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  • Design Printed Materials
  • Join a Law Directory
  • Be Active in the Community
  • Start With the Target Market
  • Answer Frequent Legal Questions
  • Advertise Outdoors
  • Leverage Quora
  • Create SEO-Powered Content
  • Build an Optimized Website
  • Consider Guerrilla Marketing 

Design Printed Materials 

One way to effectively market your legal practice is to make sure that all your print needs are taken care of — from brochures to custom note cards for your clients. Law firms may not think it’s worth investing in print materials because the digital world is booming, but sending a custom card as a thank you or as a follow-up to previous clients will definitely make you stand out from the competition. It will show that you want to maintain genuine connections and can also spur word-of-mouth referrals to potential clients, thus keeping your brand relevant and expanding. 

Eric Blumenthal, ZoePrint

Join a Law Directory

One way we market our law firm is through Avvo. This part of our marketing plan allows us to highlight the client relationships we nurture as well as our 25 years of combined experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney. Many law firms are on Avvo but have not optimized their accounts. By completing our Avvo profile, we have made it easier for potential clients to find us as well as actual clients to rate us. The reviews from our satisfied clients speak volumes for our legal practice.


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Court Will, Will & Will

Be Active in the Community 

It’s important to make your practice known in the community to gain exposure and build trust with potential clients. Browse upcoming events in your target service area that would provide networking opportunities. In addition to attending events, explore other ways to increase name recognition. These can include sponsoring a local event or sitting on a board. Being an active member in your community allows you to connect with others and speak about your profession and services in a natural setting. 

Claire Routh, Markitors

Start With the Target Market

The most effective thing that any legal practice can do is to do the work before you start to market. The most important thing that a legal practice can get clear about is their target market and create an avatar of who they are targeting. It really will bring focus to each of the steps that follow in terms of execution. Without that clarity, it makes it more of a challenge to market effectively. 


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Gresham Harkless Jr., Blue 16 Media

Answer Frequent Legal Questions

Addressing common queries of customers seeking legal advice on the company’s website is a great way to build authority and gain visitors’ trust. Furthermore, search engines favor clear and objective answers to people’s queries, which improves the practice’s SEO rankings. Informative, helpful content is likely to appear on Featured Snippets, increasing organic traffic and brand visibility.

Rebeca Sena, GetSpace.Digital

Advertise Outdoors 

Outdoor advertising and billboards are a great way to market a legal practice. You want your advertisement to be simple, professional, but stand out. Our business has worked with many lawyers on advertising their law firm and practice. If done correctly, outdoor advertising is a great spot to market your legal practice.

Chris Gadek, AdQuick

Leverage Quora

The question and answer database Quora also increasingly functions as its own search engine, or Google users will append the word “Quora” onto their organic searches to find expert answers to questions they have. This makes Quora a very valuable marketing tool for lawyers and law firms because you can create a profile, filter the questions you would like to answer by legal expertise, and showcase that expertise while also driving traffic to your site or Linkedin profile.

Matt Spiegel, Lawmatics

Create SEO-Powered Content 

The cornerstone of a lot of law marketing right now is content SEO because it establishes the firm as an authority in its area of specialization or niche while drawing attention to core services. Content should be keyword-based and track current legal services and legislative trends while observing Google’s E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust) guidelines. For firms that serve local or regional markets instead of national, localized keyword optimization is the best way to make sure the pages you want to draw organic traffic to are ranked highly on that first page of the search engine results. As always, content should be fresh, relevant, and feature prominent links to service pages, which themselves should be buttressed with ample client testimonials and a clear call to action.

Eric Rohrback, Hill & Ponton

Build an Optimized Website 

Creating a website that clearly outlines your strengths and experience is a great way to establish your credibility as a lawyer. However, to really leverage your website as a powerful marketing tool, it’s equally important to optimize your web pages for search engines and potential clients alike. From diving deep into keyword research to crafting valuable content and even optimizing your website speed, there are a number of key elements that can easily set your website up for success. Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly is another great starting point.

Riley Beam, Douglas R. Beam, P.A.

Consider Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing can be a great method for marketing a law practice. By using unconventional methods, you can not only save on your marketing budget but also see great results. One example I have found to be helpful is sending direct mail to law firms in your region that might be able to refer your business. I recommend sending a small item in the envelope with the letter you mail. That way, the envelope will be “lumpy” and the recipient is much more likely to open it and read the message you desire to relay to them.

Tate Meagher, Meagher Law Office, PLLC

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