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Athletes in Law Special Issue

You’ve seen them … they’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and especially You-Tube. Videos! All sorts of topics posted by people from all walks of life: teaching videos, sales videos, testimonial videos—you name it.

And in today’s world where lawyers are losing clients due to the influx of DIY websites like Legalzoom, lawyers are realizing they have no choice but to experiment with various media to attract business.



Lighting Crew Not Necessary

Video might tax your time, but it doesn’t have to tax your budget. If you have the gift of gab or a knack for simplifying complex concepts, video is a great way to showcase your knowledge and stand out from the crowd.

With a modest outlay of cash and a device right at your fingertips—the smartphone—simply add a few extras to give your videos a slight edge above the rank and file:

Hands free

Purchase a tripod to steady your smartphone or tablet. You can find tripods on Amazon for less than $15.


Buy an external microphone. There are clip-on types as well as desktop ones, and the prices are pretty reasonable— less than $25 on Amazon.


Computer Forensics


Well-lit videos make a world of difference to the viewer and appear more professional. Something as simple as a clip-on light, or a standalone circle light, can raise your video’s quality without breaking the bank. Clip-ons start as low as $9.99, while tripod circle lights will run a little higher.

Topics to Cover


For your inaugural video, consider a two-minute introduction of yourself and your firm’s practice. This will allow people to get to know you, as people rarely hire law firms, they hire attorneys. Zero in on how you approach problems and deliver services.


Try breaking down a complicated concept into bite-size, easy-to-swallow chunks of useful information. People thirst for education and will appreciate it when an attorney can speak to them on their level without being condescending or pretentious.


Keep your videos less than three minutes in length. Give just enough to reel viewers in and convince them that you are the right lawyer for their specific problem. Don’t let your ego overshadow the true purpose of the video.


If you just shoot it, they will not come! You must promote it. Don’t be shy … post it to your social media pages and direct people back to your website. Include your contact information and a call to action.

Video and social media go hand in hand. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube. If you do not have these accounts already, get started setting up your business page on each platform.

The popularity of video continues to rise because it builds a connection with the audience in a way that a blog post or article cannot. Video is the next best thing to face-to-face communication and a great way to build that know, like, and trust factor.

Tatia L. Gordon-Troy

Tatia L. Gordon-Troy is the publisher of Attorney at Law Magazine in Washington D.C. She has a strong background in publishing and writing as well as a Juris Doctor. She brings this knowledge to the readers of Attorney at Law Magazine

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