Two Ways to Utilize LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool for Your Law Firm

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Do you ever wonder what the professional traits of your website visitors are? If so, you can utilize the LinkedIn Website Demographics tool to get useful data and insights about the people that visit your law firm’s website.

The LinkedIn insight tag consists of a snippet of JavaScript code that you would add to your website. This tool gives you access to Website Demographics, which is a tool that provides more information about your website visitors.


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In order to use this tool, you do need to set up a LinkedIn ads account. However, you do not have to run ads in order to get access to the insights.

The first step is to go to your LinkedIn ads account and install the insight tag. You can do this by hovering over the account assets tab and then selecting Insight Tag. Once you have done that, you can either install it yourself if you know how or have your Web developer set it up. Another option for setup is to utilize Google Tag Manager.

Additional Sites

If you have more than one website for your law firm, you can also add it to each individual website if you want to track data from those sites, as well.


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Although LinkedIn won’t disclose any personal information about an individual in order to adhere to privacy policies, it will provide data about your website visitors’ job titles and responsibilities, industry information, company names and sizes, and more.

The advantage of having this data available is that you can later use it to build your LinkedIn or Facebook Marketing campaigns.

There are some key points to keep in mind when it comes to interpreting the data from LinkedIn Website Demographics:

  1. The data include both paid traffic and visits from social media posts, public relations and additional sources.
  2. Data will only be provided for individuals who have LinkedIn accounts. If an individual or company is not in the LinkedIn database, you will not get data from that segment.
  3. The data only take website visits into account and not form or list subscriptions.

Furthermore, you can filter data based on job function, job title, company, industry, job seniority, company size, location and country.


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Once you have access to this valuable data, you can use it to tailor your website and blog content to your target audience. In addition, you can use these insights to build out customer personas.

The Next Way

The second way to utilize LinkedIn for your law firm marketing is to create video content for LinkedIn. One of the easiest ways to come up with video content for LinkedIn is to repurpose your existing YouTube videos by posting them on LinkedIn.

There really is not a preferred video format for LinkedIn; you can shoot the video in square, vertical or horizontal. Even if your videos are uploaded on YouTube, you should edit the original video files as LinkedIn prefers native content rather than direct links to YouTube. If you have a 30-minute video, you can take it and split it into short 1- to 2-minute segments. Currently, the maximum minutes LinkedIn allows is 10.

An additional tip is to add timestamps to your video description so the viewers can forward to the part that they are the most interested in. For the file format, make sure to use the MP4 format because it allows you to add a title, a custom thumbnail and SRT file (which helps optimize your post). LinkedIn’s metrics for video are not as robust as Facebook’s. However, LinkedIn is in the process of acquiring data companies in an effort to add additional features to its video analytics. You don’t have to limit your content to videos; you can create text posts, PDFs and links to other resources and content. Another way to increase engagement on LinkedIn is to ask questions of your audience and get their feedback. The more content you create, the more your viewers on LinkedIn will begin to recognize you and your firm. You can create an online persona that allows people to view you as an expert in your practice area by providing valuable content. Also, don’t forget to ask them to share your content or follow you on other social media channels. Take the time to craft a specific law firm marketing strategy for each social media channel. Dimple Dang

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