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The field of law is a very saturated and competitive one. It is essential for a law firm to have a website that is well-designed. A well-designed website will help set you up as an expert in your practice and help you stand out from the pack.  It will also present a professional image of your law firm. A well-designed website is an important component in any law firm’s marketing.  With a good website, a law firm can establish credibility, gain trust and increase the number of conversions from visitors.  The bottom line is that with a well-designed website you will be increasing your law firm’s revenue. A good website will definitely give a law firm the upper edge in a competitive field. It will also help build credibility and build trust with your visitors.

Areas of practice, testimonials, attorneys, blogs, about us, and case studies are all must-haves on your law firm’s website. These are all the elements of a law firm website that build trust and credibility. Your law firm’s website should have intuitive navigation. It should be easy to access information about your law firm on sites like Avvo and Google. You’ll want to have a lot of information about your law firm on your website, be sure you provide enough white space. If you don’t, your visitors will feel overwhelmed by too much information.  You need to use your website design intelligently in order to make the information easy to understand and lead your visitor to your call to action.


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Be sure to have a compelling headline on your website. It should specifically state what your law firm has to offer. This way your visitor will know if you are a good match for their circumstances. This will encourage your visitor to keep reading. Be sure to state your unique value proposition. This will let your visitor know what sets you apart from the rest of everybody else. Make it clear and you will impact your visitor.

Effective content is persuasive. By providing this you will get more conversions to your law firm. You may even consider providing links to more resources for your visitors. Use words such as you and your to present your law firm as client-centric. It is also important to highlight the aspects of your law firm. You can do this by mentioning the law firm’s experience, significant cases, or large settlements.

Having a blog on your website is also an important element of your law firm’s website in today’s world. Your blog can include current events, legal topics, current legal issues, and events in your area of practice. Be sure to add good content to your blog on a regular basis. This will keep it fresh for your visitors.


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Good formatting of your website is also important. Be sure to use subheaders, italics, and bullet points. This makes it easy for the visitor to digest the information you are giving them.  And avoid too much legal jargon at all times. Be sure to provide a visitor with a strong call to action. This will lead them to the point of contact with you. This is the way to convert visitors into new clients. You can put your call to action at the end of an article on your website. Another option is to use a lead capture form on your website. This allows you to make contact with a visitor without having to use email or the phone. It should be a well-designed form that captures all the information of the visitor.

Another important element to have on your law firm’s website is a list of your achievements and publications. This will establish your credibility and let potential clients know that you can win their cash. Don’t be shy about showing off any awards either.

To further build credibility, be sure to provide statistical evidence, client testimonies, and Avvo and Nolo ratings. Reference yours statistics. Providing testimonials is a powerful way to demonstrate your credibility. Be sure to provide the name, company, and headshot picture when doing this. This strategy builds trust.

External ratings outside of your own website are a powerful way to demonstrate your competence. Be sure to have ratings on Nolo and Avvo.  Just provide a link to these ratings from your website. In addition, always use high-quality visuals with good resolution. Include videos and real photographs on your law firm’s website. This will help humanize your law firm to your visitor.


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Make sure your law firm’s website is responsive. It should load fast. This applies to your mobile site also. Keep in mind that more people today use their mobile phones to visit websites. If speed is important when it comes to keeping your visitors interest. If a visitor has to wait too long for a page to load, they will become frustrated and look for another law firm’s website. And you don’t want that to happen. And you don’t want that to happen.

Another important element that a law firm should have on its website is a section for FAQs. FAQs are very useful. And today people are hungry to get answers to that question. You can even outline the steps a client needs to take in some of your FAQs. Give potential clients answers to their questions. Your visitors will expect to see if FAQs on your website.

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