Top 10 Productivity Apps and Tools for Law Firms

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Want to know how to increase your law firm productivity? Look no further, check out the top 10 productivity apps and tools for busy law firms.

NO. 1: Google Drive.

It has tons of free storage and great integration with other apps. Google Drive is a productivity dream. It offers the same functionality that Office Suite would with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms — and part file-syncing service. It also has a professional business email platform called, Google Business Email, which is simple to set up.


IFTTT stands for “If this, then that,” and it’s an online tool you can use to create automations with no coding skills required. For example, you could say, “If there is an upcoming event on my Google Calendar, then send me a text message reminder with the event name, time and address,” or “If someone tags a photo of me on Facebook, then save a copy of that photo to Dropbox.” There are hundreds of possible “if this, then that” recipes that can be created. It allows you to create formulas for virtually any popular app to integrate with other apps.

NO. 3: Asana.

Asana helps law firms keep track of what needs to be done and allows for visibility into work and accountability. Businesses, large and small, are using it to manage projects and inspire a new way of working while minimizing the time spent on email. It’s one of the top productivity apps available for project management.

NO. 4: 17 Hats.

This app is designed for a variety of business professionals, including attorneys. It allows you to control your finances, lead capture, create custom forms and questionnaires for your website, invoices, calendar, projects and workflow all in one app. This is the one app that does so much for small law firms all in one easy to use interface. They currently off er a free trial so you can experience the power of 17 Hats before you sign up for a paid plan.

NO. 5: InboxVudu.

This free app, website and browser plugin sends your Gmail through a language processing machine and finds messages that are important. When it spots a new one in your inbox, it sends you a notification, highlighting what it thinks is important about that specific email. Instead of previewing the first few lines of an email, you see important questions, calls for action, dates and more. InboxVudu also works in conjunction with your sent email, reminding you to follow up with people in case they’ve overlooked your messages.

NO. 6: Unroll.Me.

Somehow you find yourself subscribed to tons of newsletters and mail. While you like to be aware of all of the legal networking events in your area and daily deals on tech products, it is becoming more of a hindrance that keeps you from focusing on the emails that are the most urgent. If you have not yet taken the time to unsubscribe to those pesky emails, sign up for Unroll.Me instead so you can manage subscription emails you don’t want while consolidating those you do into a daily, weekly or monthly summary. It cleans up your inbox in an instant.

NO. 7: Zapier.

This tool is so powerful; it allows you to connect over 500 of your favorite apps to one another. Some examples include posting upcoming Google Calendar events to a Slack channel and automatically sharing MailChimp campaigns on your LinkedIn profile.

NO. 8: Cheatsheet.

This tool for Mac computer users enables you to view Mac keyboard shortcuts in your current application so you can be more productive.

NO. 9: Dropbox.

It makes file sharing and storing super easy. Dropbox is a free cloud storage service. It is ideal for documents, videos, files and photos. Connect all of your devices and synchronize all files stored on your Dropbox account across all the connected devices. Want to share files with others? Just create a link to the dropbox folder and you’re done. Dropbox makes managing your files super easy and makes it easy to share large files without having to attach them to email.

NO. 10: Evernote.

This app will help you remember all of the important things on your list. If you are at an event, you can use Evernote to take notes. This cross-platform app has been designed particularly for taking down notes, archiving documents and files and organizing them. This app allows creating notes in various text formats including Web pages, photographs, handwritten ink notes, memos and even with files that can be attached. Compatible with various operating systems, Evernote comes with amazing features like online syncing and backup creation.

When you bill by the hour, time is money! It is important to have powerful tools that can save you time, money and increase your productivity so you can focus on doing what you do best — practicing law. Dimple Dang


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