QuickBooks and LeanLaw Join Forces for Better Law Firm Management

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A leading innovator in simplified business financial management software, QuickBooks has collaborated with LeanLaw, providers of a streamlined scheduling program to create an all-new tool specifically designed for small to mid-size law firms.

“QuickBooks Online Advanced and LeanLaw partnered to create a legal-specific accounting solution customized to the unique needs of individual law firms with the added power of real-time data insights and reporting,” says Kelly Vincent, Vice President and Online Mid-Market Segment Leader at Intuit QuickBooks.


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QuickBooks Online Advanced offers a growing suite of hand-picked app integrations that help all sorts of mid-market companies with jobs like CRM (HubSpot & Salesforce), accounts payable (Bill.com) and e-signature (DocuSign). These Premium Apps are exclusive to Advanced, and LeanLaw Pro is the first industry-specific one in the group.

“We collaborated with LeanLaw because LeanLaw was built by legal professionals who wanted to solve the known frustrations of their industry,” says Vincent. “Through LeanLaw Pro for QuickBooks Online Advanced, QuickBooks transforms into a legal-specific accounting solution customized to the specifics of growing law firms looking to save time, increase profitability, improve accuracy and ensure compliance.”

According to Vincent QuickBooks Online Advanced features for legal practices Include Batched Invoicing, Automated Workflows, Exclusive App Integrations, Enhanced Custom Fields and Revenue Streams.


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“Clients can work smarter by mass-producing templated invoices in just a few clicks,” she explains. “One of our favorites is Smart reporting powered by Fathom is a reporting tool that comes with Advanced subscriptions without any additional charge. One of our favorite reports in Fathom is ‘Goal Seeking’ because you’re able to demonstrate what changes could mean for your clients.

“In this day and age, when it’s possible to access your accounting records at any time from your phone or laptop computer, they become more than just your accounting records,” adds Vincent. “They can be turned into real-time insights that, when seen as part of a bigger picture using LeanLaw Pro integrated with QuickBooks Online Advanced, can point the way forward toward future business growth.”


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