Life in the Time of COVID

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In the latest Readers Respond, we asked attorneys to share some funny stories from the past year of their life in the time of a pandemic. 

I was “at” a hearing in Palm Beach and my son wandered into the Zoom half-naked waving his math homework. I was wearing turquoise leggings with my suit jacket so I had to awkwardly scoot my chair out of view to get my son off camera. Now if I’m wearing gym clothes to zoom court, I make sure to wear black.

Lisa Jerles, All Before Dinner

During lockdown, with three young kids in home school, I found myself struggling to find a quiet place to work during the day. Luckily, I have a really big car, so I upgraded the car Wi-Fi plan, set up my iPad on the dashboard, and with that, the ABD #caroffice was born.

Mara Geronemus, All Before Dinner

Like many private practice attorneys, I spent most of the last year working at home.  One day I was on a Zoom call with a judge (thankfully it was not for a court appearance, but for a discussion regarding my interest in joining the bench) when my at-the-time two-year-old son barged into the room and loudly declared “I have to poop!” Fortunately the judge I was talking to had a good sense of humor and told me she remembered those days.

Judge Rachel Hughey, Minnesota’s Fourth Judicial District Court

I was getting ready to facilitate a session on communication training for a large claims group on handling difficult conversations. Wanting to make sure the technology was working, I sent the meeting link to my husband to sign on to make sure the lighting was ok, and that he could hear me. All was good so he said, “I hope it works well on the real link” to which I replied “I sent you the real link.” After a pause, he said, “Oops you better delete that chat I just put in the chat box then.” … Thankfully, I was able to delete the “Hey pretty lady” before anyone could sign on.

Pam Whitmore, Attorney at Eckberg Lammers

I’ve been taking long drives to get out of my apartment during the pandemic. I got a new car in December 2020, and like a 16-year-old, I upgraded the sound system with a high-end amplifier and a ten-inch subwoofer. Now I blast tunes and drive up the coast to pick up Jorge’s Mexicatessen spicy soup or to take a friend for a ride. We car dance in what I call, “Club Vas.” It’s so much fun… so so fun!

Srinivas Hanumadass, Partner at CaseyGerry

Since the pandemic made us all remote workers, it was the first time my family was able to witness the scope of my day with phone calls, meetings, to-do lists and action items all before I would make time to exercise and prepare dinner. During one dinner conversation, I recall a family member saying, “Wow! You really do work during the day!” The rest agreed that they too were oblivious to how my days actually transpire. At that moment, I could not stop laughing. I laughed myself to tears and they too joined in the laughter. I felt validated and they had to do the dishes, pots included. After all, I had really worked that day (LOL).

Nicole Brunson, Arrival


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