Benefits of Hiring A Woodridge Criminal Defense Attorney vs Representing Yourself

Being charged with a criminal offense can be stressful, whether you are innocent or at fault. While you can always represent yourself if you are charged with a crime, working with a criminal defense attorney can be in your best interest since the legal system is complicated. Any small mistake could jeopardize your case and mean a higher fine or sentence. You don’t want to take the chances. Hiring a lawyer can increase your chances of winning the case. Unless you know your way around the legal system, representing yourself is not advised and can be dangerous.

A Lawyer Possesses Knowledge of the Legal System

Good criminal defense attorneys are experts in the law and have studied it for years. They know the ins and outs of the legal system and will give you a better chance of having a solid case. A lawyer will look at the facts of your case, look at the evidence brought forward, and find any loopholes that could work in your favor. If you don’t know anything about legal procedures and criminal charges then you may not even understand some of the jargon or the consequences. Having someone with knowledge and experience will let you build a better defense.

A Lawyer Knows How to Navigate the Complex Legal System

Part of winning the case is knowing the people as well. It’s criminal law so it’s necessary to have an understanding of all the parties involved and this includes judges, lawyers, and the prosecution. If you defend yourself then you won’t know any of the parties you will be dealing with. You will be an easy target for a prosecutor. Criminal attorneys will usually interact with judges and the prosecution so they have a chance at already knowing how they operate. They know the best arguments. Knowing the best defense strategy is also important, as well as whether or not you should go to trial or a take plea bargain.

A Lawyer Can Protect You from Penalties

If you have been falsely accused then you don’t want to receive a penalty for something you didn’t do. A criminal lawyer can help act as a shield against the harsh prosecutors to prove your case and avoid hefty penalties. If you are found guilty then your lawyer can help make sure you do get a fair penalty, whether it’s a reduced fine or sentence.

A Lawyer Has the Resources to Handle Your Case

Reputable lawyers have the resources and staff to handle your case. Legal representation isn’t just about the court appearance and it’s also important to look for witnesses, prepare a strategy, and gather evidence. An experienced attorney knows how to get the resources to help you. For example, even if you do hire a lawyer, you can still qualify for court-approved funds for expert witnesses or a court-appointed private investigator. Criminal lawyers know how to use these resources efficiently and find the experts that can help prove your case. If you are representing yourself, it can be hard to do these things on your own. It’s time consuming and expensive. Lawyers delegate this work to their staff and you don’t have to worry about your case and can go on with your daily life.

A Lawyer Can Save You Time and Money

It takes a lot of time to file legal paperwork and follow up on your case. Your time could be spent taking care of your family or at work. Criminal lawyers are familiar with the legal proceedings that relate to your case so they know how to speed up the process and can predict challenges. Working with a lawyer is the best chance at getting back to your normal life and clearing your name. Hiring a lawyer can be expensive, but it’s money spent in the right place. The expertise you get from a lawyer can help you avoid spending money unnecessarily, so you actually save in the long run.

A Lawyer Offers Support

You are able to talk to your lawyer about anything related to the case, including things you may not be able to share with your family. This means it’s important to pick someone you can trust so that you can communicate with your lawyer for the best results.

A Lawyer Helps You Consider All Your Options

In many cases, you have options on how to move the case forward. An expert lawyer can help you weigh your options, so you know the types of charges you are facing the options for any plea deals. A lawyer may be better able to negotiate things like reduced penalties and charges or even a dismissal of the case. These are things you may not be able to do when you represent yourself. You also have the option of whether or not you take the case to trial or accept a deal offered by the prosecution. These options all have different consequences, and a lawyer can help you understand each option.

A Lawyer Can Help You Protect Your Future

Criminal charges can have a big impact on your future, depending on the charge. You can face jail time or extremely high penalties. The outcome may even affect future employment. Expert lawyers do what they can to protect your future. In some cases, a lawyer may be able to have the conviction expunged from your record. A lawyer will work with you to consider different options so that you are able to live a normal life.

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