Does Getting a DUI in Woodridge Affect Your Chances to Win a Custody Battle?

Woodridge DUI affects chances to win custody battle
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When it comes to custody agreements it can be so hard to fight for your rights to see your kids. That being said, we all want to spend as much time with our children as possible and something like a DUI can change your chances of getting custody of your children. A great Woodridge child custody lawyer can help you get the best chances at getting custody of your kids.

What Affects Child Custody Hearings?

There is a range of different factors that go into determining child custody. The first is of course the home that the child is going to. Before you can get full custody or even visitation for kids you do need to make sure your home is up to code and that it is going to be safe for your kids. The court is likely going to send someone in to determine if your home is suitable for your kids and if the home is going to be right for your child.

Another factor that the court looks at is your behavior. If you have a job, if you are home consistently, if you have no legal proceedings against you and if you have no tickets and no type of criminal record, you are likely to get a better custody deal. So to keep that in mind, when it comes to the overall process, if you are fighting for custody of your kids, a DUI does have an impact on how likely you are to get visitation and to get the overall outcome that you want.

The judge is going to consider a DUI as an indication that you are not a safe driver, they will surmise that you drink and that you often drink or do drugs to the point that you are incapacitated or that you are not a safe driver. A DUI is not an end, however; you can come back from a DUI and still have a good chance at getting custody of your kids.

Why is a DUI Bad for Custody Cases?

The first issues are those that we have already mentioned, if you have a DUI the judge will see that you drink, they will see that you drink and drive, and they will also see that you are an unsafe driver. When fighting a child custody battle you want to do all that you can to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to be the safest driver, to make sure that you are not getting any sort of tickets or reprimands, and that you are above board on everything that you actually can.

If you do get a DUI however, there are some ways that you can come back and still have a good chance at getting custody of your kids. The best way to prove that you are changing and that the DUI is not going to define you is to go to driving school and to do whatever is suggested in your DUI proceedings. In many cases, judges will defer your DUI and will recommend that you do go to driving school, that you take any classes that are required, that you lose your license for a time, and more. They may even recommend that you go on probation and do community service to get rid of your sentence.

No matter what, it is always best to admit that you were wrong and then work toward being a better driver and being a better parent. A DUI does stay on your record for a time and with diligence and not getting any more infractions, you can get ahead of your DUI and you can still have a great chance at getting custody of your kids.

What Can a Woodridge Lawyer Do?

A Woodridge criminal defense lawyer is going to be a great asset when it comes to the overall process of child custody and when it also comes to helping you get ahead of any judgement against you. Instead of being defined by your DUI, your lawyer can help argue your case, they can help prove that you are trying to get better and to come out ahead, and they can also help you to prove that you are doing all you can to get custody of your kids and that you are doing all you can to avoid getting in trouble with the law after that. A lawyer can help argue your strengths, they can help to prove that you are a fit parent, and they can help to get your kids back and get your life back on track.

When it comes to child custody agreements, something like a DUI can be a deal breaker. If you have a great lawyer on your side you can get your life back on track and recover from getting a DUI. After a few years, the DUI will come off your record and will no longer be a consideration. However, at the time that you get it, a judge is going to be looking into every facet of your life and they are going to dredge up things like DUIs, poor driving records and more. It is truly helpful to have a great lawyer on your side to help make the process simpler and to cover all your bases and all of your possible set backs or issues that might pop up.

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