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There are many things a person can find themselves in danger of criminal penalties in Woodridge, Illinois. If this happens, it will take experienced Woodridge criminal lawyers to back up a criminal defense case. The accusation is one thing that can bring about a bad reputation, but if you are convicted of a crime, then the rest of your life will be haunted with a criminal record. Many people find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. Not everyone is guilty. Our court systems still claim “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.” That means convicted. At times, it will feel like the criminal defense attorney is the only one on your side. The penalties are bad, but the follow-ups of those penalties are much worse and will haunt the convicted forever.

The Penalties and How They Affect You

There are at least eight things that can happen to the accused and convicted. It leaves a stain on a person’s soul, life, and reputation. It is critical to understand each of these and the repercussions.


Once the defendant is incarcerated, jail time can last from overnight to life, depending on the crime. The defendant will usually remain in the local prison if they did something wrong within the area. At a later date is when or if they are moved to a county or state pen. The only way out at that moment is if a bond has been set by the judge. That leaves the defendant to leave the prison but promises to show up for the court date where they will receive their fine or sentencing.

Fines and Other Costs

Usually, when someone is arrested for crimes like disturbing the peace, domestic violence, destruction of property, or any traffic offense, there are fines and penalties to pay the city, state, and courtrooms. How much the defendant has to pay depends on the crime and whether they are convicted.

Sex Offenders

Some are seen as criminals of morality. If they are convicted of a sex crime, they have to register as a sex offender. This can stick with a person for decades and ruin the rest of a person’s life without being incarcerated. It is definitely one of the worst stains to have on a record.

Revoked or Suspended Driver’s License

In some situations like DUI or felonies that occur on highways and public roads, a person’s driver’s license can become suspended or revoked for one or several offenses. A license usually will not be revoked unless it has reached a limit, according to the courts. Once it is revoked, it is very difficult to obtain another one, if at all.

A Criminal Record for Life

There is a dreaded question on every application that asks, “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime or felony?” If the answer is yes, sometimes it will never pay for you to apply for a job, education, or anything that requires a clean record. This is one of the most discouraging parts of life after convictions. It lasts forever.

Installations of Ignition Interlock Device

Those who have had the experience of a DUI know the pain of these things. An ignition interlock device or IID is a device that goes inside the vehicle. The person has to breathe into a machine, and if the contents pick up alcohol of any trace, the car will not start. It is an expensive device and is purchased and installed at the owner of the vehicle’s expense. It is the only way they can continue to drive after a DUI. There are also maintenance costs that drive up the price, so it can be a nightmare.

Classes and/or Counseling

Some people get in trouble with anger issues. Others have drug or alcohol problems that plague them in today’s society. A judge may order a person with anger issues to anger management courses or order them to a rehab center where they can detox and work on a better life. Of course, in situations like those, it is up to the person if the counseling or classes will work or not. They will have to go through the entire session and every program scheduled. Failure to do so will bring the defendant right back to jail. Sometimes attorneys cannot get their clients off the hook entirely. They may have to endure the courses or probation periods.


This is among the most common things that happen to convicted criminals. There is not enough room in the jail, so there may be stipulations where the convicted undergo house arrest or probation. Usually, first-time offenders get off with probation. This is where they have to report to an officer and inform them of everything they are doing, whether work-related, recreation, or educational. In some situations, they may not be allowed to attend certain functions. They definitely cannot leave the parish or state for any reason. Sometimes death in the family or other family-related issues may get special treatment, but a judge will always make that decision.

Why a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Getting in trouble can be a scary situation, but it happens. When it does happen, your life and liberty are at stake. Many times, a person will get arrested and speak too much. Remember, it is best to remain silent and speak only to your attorney because words will get twisted and hurt your case. The prosecution will eat your words up, and without an experienced attorney, there is not much chance.

Marc D. Wolfe

Marc Wolfe has been representing clients in criminal matters in Woodridge, Chicago, and across the state of Illinois for over 30 years now. Marc has tried well over 300 cases to verdict and represents those who face prosecution or investigation for a wide range of federal and state criminal offenses, including murder, embezzlement, white collar crimes, drugs and sexual abuse.

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