What Are the Penalties for Committing a Drug Related Crime in Orlando, FL?

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In Florida, drug possession and selling crimes are taken very seriously. There is a wide range of penalties that may be imposed on those convicted of drug-related crimes in the state of Florida. If you have been charged with any drug crime, you should contact an attorney who has experience with drug charge cases. In most cases, an Orlando Drug Crime Attorney can help people avoid or reduce the severity of potential penalties associated with their charges. Throughout your legal research, you can also use this information as background knowledge about the penalties for drug-related crimes in Orlando, FL.

Explaining The Possible Penalties

The sale or trafficking of drugs is considered a severe offense by the state government in Florida. The penalty for these types of felony convictions typically involves many years in prison or even life imprisonment in some cases. There is also a requirement for most drug trafficking crimes to serve a mandatory minimum sentence of at least three years in prison, which isn’t subject to early release, alternative sentencing programs, or other reductions.


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As far as misdemeanors are concerned, several different types of penalties may be imposed for the possession of drugs for personal use (not including prescription medication). For example, suppose you possess less than 20 grams of cannabis (also referred to as marijuana). In that case, you will typically face misdemeanor charges with up to one year in jail and fines reaching $1,000.

Some More Examples of Penalties

If it’s determined that your crime was committed “for sale,” then it could be considered a felony offense. For example, if you are arrested for selling less than 20 grams of marijuana, you will face penalties associated with the sale of cannabis, including imprisonment and fines reaching $5,000.

Even simple possession of drug paraphernalia may lead to misdemeanor charges punishable by up to 60 days in jail and fines reaching $500.


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It’s essential to keep in mind that different offenses carry different types of penalties, so it’s recommended that you contact an Orlando Drug Crime Attorney as soon as possible after being charged with any drug-related crime.

How Can an Experienced Drug Case Attorney Help?

If you have been arrested for a drug-related crime in Orlando, FL, hire an experienced attorney to help fight the charges. Your attorney will determine if there is a way to get your arrest thrown out or dismissed. If not, they can negotiate with prosecutors and agree on the penalties for committing this type of activity. The more serious the offense, such as having large quantities of drugs in your possession, the harsher the punishment might be.

How Does A Criminal Defense Firm Assist Clients?

A criminal defense firm knows that everyone’s case is different, and we consider that when working towards getting our clients’ charges reduced or dropped altogether. They also believe in building long-lasting relationships with their clients.

The best thing about using law firms is that more than one experienced attorney can help you. They strive for mutual respect and understand how the legal system works to give you accurate information about your charges. Select firms are experienced with drug charge cases and fight to get you the best possible outcome.


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What Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Drug charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies. A misdemeanor comes with penalties that include fines and up to a year in jail. A felony drug crime will have heavier consequences, including being incarcerated for years and paying significantly higher penalties than those accused of misdemeanors. The criminal defense firm you hire should examine the case against you, ask questions, so they understand your side of the story, and negotiate with prosecutors on what they think is fair based on the facts of your case. An attorney working on your behalf should also collect evidence from witnesses from both sides to give you the best defense possible.

When Can I Expect My Case to be Resolved?

In most cases, the sooner you obtain legal representation, the better. In Florida, defendants have a right to a speedy trial and should be provided one within 90 days after being charged. If their attorney cannot resolve their case within that time frame or before going to court for a preliminary hearing, the charges could be dropped. Do not delay for an attorney to review your case at no cost and answer any questions you might have about what their firm can do to help you get back on track with a misdemeanor or a felony drug charge.

The Orlando criminal defense attorneys want to provide you with peace of mind during this challenging time in your life. They will take all steps necessary to try to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether so that you can move forward with your life guilt-free. Should the case fail, they immediately start the appealing process.

What Evidence Can Be Used Against Me?

Many different types of evidence could be used against you if you have been arrested for drug charges in Orlando, FL. We will collect this evidence and present it in the light most favorable to our clients. For example, if the police searched your home without a warrant or probable cause, we would like to obtain that information for discovery and try to get the case dismissed because any evidence found should not be used in court.

Another case might involve looking at whether what was said by law enforcement could be considered an arrest or even unlawful search and seizure (i.e., when they claim they smelled marijuana coming from your apartment). Other factors might be evidence collected by the Orlando Police Department that could turn out to be faulty or not enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you committed a drug crime, which is what the prosecution must do. Because each case is different, the attorney needs to examine all aspects of what was done to determine how to get things dismissed or reduced.

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