What is Considered a DUI in Orlando, FL? And How Can a Defense Lawyer Help Me if I’ve Been Charged with One?

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If you’ve recently gotten a DUI in the state of Florida or know someone who has, they face stiff penalties. Depending on how many times they’ve been convicted, there are increasingly stiffer penalties and fines associated with this type of charge. That is why having a top defense attorney is crucial. They can represent those accused of DUI and provide them with the legal counsel and services they need to represent their case in a court of law.

DUI in Florida

Depending on the circumstances of the DUI and the number of previous DUI convictions, you’ll have specific penalties to face. Each subsequent DUI faces harsher penalties. Consider the following examples of sentencing and penalties for the first offense and after that.



First Offence DUI in Florida

With a few exceptions, most states have the same general DUI laws. In the state of Florida, the DUI law states that anyone driving under the influence of controlled substances or alcoholic beverages with a .08 blood alcohol level constitutes a DUI offense. A DY means driving under the influence and carries different punishments and fines. Anyone caught driving under the influence with a blood-alcohol level over .08% will be detained, arrested, and brought to a local jail.

In the state of Florida, the first offense carries with it a fine between $500 and $2000. That phone is significantly higher for individuals found with a blood alcohol level over .15% and over and if you have a minor in the vehicle. In addition to monetary fines, community service is also required. Your first offense carries with it 50 hours of community service. There can also be an extra $10 per hour for required community service sentences.

Additionally, those with first convictions will also incur incarceration and the likelihood of probation for up to over one year. It is up to the court whether or not the individual spends time in prison for the first offense. Each case is reviewed independently, and sentencing depends on the details of the offense. According to Florida law, those who are sentenced to prison time will not serve more than nine months if there was a minor in the vehicle and there was a record of blood alcohol level being .15 or higher. Those who don’t have a minor in the car and a BAC of .08 don’t serve more than six months.


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In most cases with a first DUI offense, the state will revoke the offender’s license for one year or more. After the period of suspension passes, individuals may apply to have their license reinstated. There are some instances where a hardship license is granted, but it’s up to the courts’ discretion. Additionally, Florida law requires the offender to take a DUI school course to reinstate their license. If you have a hardship license, you must complete the course, or they will revoke it.

Second DUI and Up in Orlando, Florida

Those who get a second DUI conviction in Florida or more can face a minimum of 10 days in jail. The maximum jail time for the second DUI and up is nine months. If there is a minor in the vehicle and the BAC is .15 or higher, the sentence is a maximum of 12 months in jail. The second DUI has a fine of $1000 to $2000 and a license suspension of at least five years. There may also be a second suspension known as an administrative suspension. Those with a BAC of .15 with a minor in the car face a $2000 to $4000 fine and various other penalties. For the second DUI, the offender will have an ignition interlock device fitted to their car for a year. The vehicle will also be impounded for a minimum of 30 days.

How an Attorney Can Help if You Have a DUI in Orlando, Florida

If you face a DUI charge, whether it’s a first offense or subsequent offense, you need the services of an experienced DUI attorney who practices law in the state of Florida. One of the most critical aspects of DUI is the jail time the courts demand. Having the right attorney can help ensure you get reduced jail time. Keep in mind that each case is different, and you won’t know what will transpire until you get to court and stand in front of the judge. That is why you need a solid attorney to provide representation. An experienced DUI attorney can make the process easier to manage and help keep your sentencing and other penalties less severe.

Finding the Right Attorney

If you have a DUI and you need representation, you must choose an attorney with years of experience dealing with the law in Orlando, Florida. The laws in each state are specific, and you need to hire a lawyer who is very familiar with them and knows how the system works. You can find local DUI attorneys by searching online or getting a word-of-mouth referral from someone who has had recent success using them. A skilled DUI attorney is the best way to get a more favorable outcome for your case. This is especially true for second and third DUI cases. Keep in mind that the third DUI case is a third-degree felony and carries massive penalties. The best course of action is never to drink and drive. However, if you find yourself in a position where you’ve been arrested for this offense, you should reach out to your attorney as soon as possible once you arrive at the jail or finish your processing. That action helps ensure you get the proper guidance and the best outcome for your particular situation and get significantly reduced penalties and jail time.


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