Family Law: Your Philadelphia Divorce Options as a Healthcare Professional

Philadelphia has long been heralded as a city of vast medical resources and influence. Pennsylvania Hospital was founded in 1751. The College of Physicians of Philadelphia was established in 1787. Since the early 19th century, Philadelphia has been acknowledged as one of the world’s pre-eminent medical cities and our amazing tapestry of medical and educational institutions make this a world-class destination for the best and brightest medical professionals to call their home.

At Sadek and Cooper, we understand that the legal needs of healthcare professionals can differ in important ways from those of our clients who work in other industries. Whether you are a physician, researcher, registered nurse, or work in another area of the healthcare industry, your marital finances, your divorce, or your custody case will be affected by various aspects of your profession.

The attorneys at Sadek and Cooper regularly represent physicians, physician’s assistants, hospital administrators, nurses, and other members of the medical community in their divorce and other family law matters. Our Center City location, multiple offices, and our years of experience mean that we regularly serve the needs of employees of Pennsylvania Hospital, HUP, Jefferson, CHOP, Temple, Hahnemann, Bryn Mawr Hospital, and many other practices located throughout the greater Philadelphia region.

When you or your spouse work in healthcare, your lifestyle and your household finances likely reflect that. If you are planning to divorce or are already in the process, you need an attorney who understands the details of retirement savings plans including 403(b), 457(b), 401(k), and 401(a) plans, and how those details will impact your divorce and division of your marital assets.

In divorce cases, both spouses desire a fair division of the marital assets and debts. Your profession can create certain specific issues that must be considered when determining whether a division of assets is fair. For example, if you or your spouse works in healthcare, there may be a need to address student loans and whether those loans were or were not repaid during your marriage. You or your spouse may own an interest in a medical practice or intellectual property related to the healthcare profession. These would need to be evaluated and taken into account upon divorce.

Additionally, we can assist you with profession-specific issues regarding child support or alimony. If your spouse possesses advanced education but is not fulfilling his or her earning capacity, that could add another layer of complexity in a divorce and/or child support case. An experienced attorney can help you hire the appropriate vocational experts and gather the evidence necessary to show the court the reality of your family’s financial situation.

Our attorneys also understand that your profession has an impact on the available time you have for your children and other interests. If you are concerned about recent events related to COVID-19 you can find more information HERE.

Regardless of where you are in the process of separation or divorce, you should contact Sadek and Cooper today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. We can help you with planning and moving forward in the best way possible in your case to ensure the best result for you and your family.

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