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If you’re having problems in your family, you may not be sure whether you need to consult a lawyer. That’s understandable. Most people in New Albany, IN – like people everywhere – would rather solve their family problems themselves when they can. But sometimes, it’s important to get the guidance of an experienced family lawyer. When in doubt, you should talk with a family lawyer in New Albany. A lawyer can help prevent you from making costly mistakes and getting unnecessarily entangled in complicated legal problems.

These are some situations where you should seek guidance from a family law firm:


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You Want to Get A Simple Divorce

It’s possible, in Indiana, to file your own forms for a divorce. You might be tempted to do that if you don’t have children and you and your spouse agree on how to divide your property.

However, even in a simple and amicable divorce, getting guidance from a family lawyer is very helpful. If you make mistakes on the forms, the consequences could be serious. It’s better to consult with an experienced lawyer and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the process is being handled correctly.

You Want to Get A Divorce, And You Have Children

When children are involved, you should always seek help from a family law attorney. Don’t try to negotiate child custody, support, or visitation arrangements on your own. The law in these areas is complicated, and you shouldn’t take a chance with anything that involves the welfare of your children.


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There are a lot of details involved in creating a custody and visitation plan, including creating a schedule for when each parent will be with the child, making arrangements for holidays and vacations, and making decisions about the child’s education, transportation to and from school, and extracurricular activities. A good plan will work in the interests of everybody involved. However, if you and your ex are unable to reach an agreement, you may have to go to court. In that case, your lawyer will represent you and make sure your interests are well presented to the judge.

You Are Seeking A Change in An Existing Child Support Plan Or Custody And Visitation Agreement.

A New Albany family lawyer can help ensure that your interests and the interests of your children are protected in any proceedings to change child support or custody and visitation orders.

You Have Child Support, Custody, Or Visitation Issues, And You Are Not Married to Your Child’s Other Parent.

A family lawyer with experience working with unmarried couples can assist you with making legal arrangements that are in the best interests of your child and everyone else involved.

You Have Unpaid Child Support Orders.

If your ex was ordered to pay child support and refuses or has fallen behind, an experienced family law attorney can help.


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You Need Help Dividing Property And Debts.

The agreements you reach about the division of your assets and debts during a divorce will have a big impact on your future financial well-being. An experienced family lawyer will explain how Indiana law affects these divisions. If you and your ex are disputing the division, your lawyer may suggest trying mediation to save you the money and time involved in going to court.

You Are A Victim of Domestic Violence.

A family lawyer can get you the help you need to ensure your safety.

You Are Seeking Or Being Asked to Provide Alimony.

In Indiana, alimony is called “spousal maintenance.” Unless you and your ex agree on spousal maintenance, a judge will decide whether to award it. In Indiana, spousal maintenance is usually only awarded in certain circumstances. A New Albany family lawyer can represent your interests in court and, if you are seeking maintenance, advise you on whether it’s worth it to apply.

You Want to Draft A Prenuptial Agreement.

Although many people associate family law attorneys with divorce, there are other times when it’s a good idea to seek the guidance of a New Albany family law firm. One of those times is when you are planning to get married and want to draft a “prenup.” A family lawyer can create a document that will help prevent problems from arising in the future. Although everyone hopes their marriage will last forever and they’ll never need to use their prenups, it’s wise to have a well-drafted one in place just in case the need arises.

You Want to Adopt A Child.

Sometimes family lawyers deal with joyous occasions. If you want to welcome a new member into your family, seeking the guidance of a family lawyer can make the adoption process go smoothly and help prevent any future bumps in the road.

You Are Considering Surrogacy Or Assisted Conception.

A family lawyer will anticipate potential legal problems and take measures to ensure everything goes smoothly.

You Are Having Paternity Issues.

A family lawyer can handle the legal aspects of paternity issues.

You Are Starting Or Ending A Same-Sex Marriage.

A lawyer with experience working with same-sex couples would be the best choice to help with any legal issues.

Family Lawyers Are Not Just for Going to Court

People often think of hiring a lawyer when they need to go to court to request an order from the judge or attend any other hearing. And having a lawyer represent you when you go to court is very important for protecting your legal rights, ensuring that your interests are presented effectively, and following all the required court procedures.

However, there are other times when the guidance of a New Albany family lawyer is beneficial. These include times when you:

  • Need to prepare documents and want to ensure they are accurate and complete
  • Have to file papers with the court and want to make sure it’s done properly
  • Need legal advice to make the best decisions
  • Want someone on your side when negotiating
  • Want a lawyer to review a document before you sign
  • Need to collect evidence or conduct an investigation (for example, to find out if an ex is hiding assets.)

Whether you need a quick consultation about a document or legal representation in court for a contentious divorce, a New Albany family lawyer can provide the legal services you need to ensure you get the best outcome possible. It would be best if you didn’t hesitate to seek legal guidance. It will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your interests are being protected and will help prevent problems from arising in the future.

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Dana is a native of Southern Indiana and is deeply devoted to Kentuckiana. After spending most of her life in Floyds Knobs, she has also lived in Greenville, New Albany, and Georgetown. Allowing Dana to become familiar with every town of Floyd County. She oversees the Family Law practice area for CLLB, and she firmly believes that helping families is her destiny.

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