Philadelphia Car Accident Case: How a Lawyer Can Help With Evidence and Testimony

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The aftermath of a car accident in Philadelphia can leave you reeling. Not only are you dealing with the health implications of your injuries, but you also have the financial concerns that come from medical bills, car repair, and lost income. If you are going to go to battle to get the compensation you deserve after a crash, you need the right help. A Philadelphia car crash attorney can help you with both evidence and testimony, so you can start building a strong case right away. For this reason, one of the first calls you should make after your crash is to an attorney.

You may be thinking that you need to turn your evidence in to the insurance company and move forward. While this may seem like the easy way to handle your crash, it could leave a lot of compensation unclaimed. Working with an attorney will ensure you get all the compensation you deserve while freeing your time to focus on your hearing. Here are some specific ways a Philadelphia car crash attorney will be able to help with both evidence and testimony after your accident.


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Knowledge of the Right Evidence to Gather

After a car accident, you have many types of evidence you can gather after a crash, and sometimes knowing what to submit is difficult. Working with a car accident attorney who understands Pennsylvania’s car accident laws ensures you get the right evidence to build a strong case.

In most cases, more evidence is best to build a strong case, but the evidence needs to be properly gathered to be admissible as part of your case file. Some examples of evidence include:

  • Police reports
  • Photos of the scene
  • Records of your injuries
  • Documentation regarding lost wages and other losses
  • Witness testimonies

Your attorney will know where to get this documentation and how to ensure it is usable for court. They will also work with you to ensure you don’t overlook any important pieces of information as you build your case.


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Attention to Detail When Gathering Evidence

Many car accident cases have been lost due to small details overlooked when gathering evidence. For example, your medical bills must be correctly coded to connect them to your accident, or you could lose the chance to get compensation. When gathering photographs, taking photos of all angles of the vehicle and the crash site can lead to important evidence you’ll need later in court.

Your attorney is an expert at car crashes and the types of evidence necessary for these cases. They will give proper attention to detail through the evidence-gathering process, so you can be confident that your evidence is sufficient to build your case and prove your need for compensation. This attention to detail only comes from years of working on car accident cases and an in-depth knowledge of car accident law.

Interest in Proper Preservation of Evidence

One of the biggest pitfalls in car accident cases in Pennsylvania is lost or damaged evidence. Not only will your attorney help you gather evidence, but they will also help you preserve it. Photographs, medical records, and bills can all start to pile up, and you need a proper system to keep them organized and accessible when you start building your case.

When you have a legal team gathering and preserving evidence for you, you can focus on healing from your injuries in the days after your accident. This can help speed your recovery along because you aren’t giving your energy to evidence collection and organization.


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Ability to Interview Witnesses

Witness statements about the car accident can prove invaluable as you build your case, and your attorney will know how to gather these properly. Interviewing witnesses must be done carefully to ensure the statements are admissible in court, should your case go to court, and this is where your legal team can step in. They can get the right information from witnesses while ensuring it is not dismissed due to technicality.

In addition, your witnesses need to be credible, and this is another way that your lawyer can help. They will ensure that the witness testimonies admitted with your case are from credible, responsible witnesses who the courts will accept. This lessens the risk of having your case dropped due to the witnesses you choose.

Knowledge of Expert Witness Testimonies

One often overlooked aspect of a car crash class is the testimony of an expert witness. An expert witness is someone who has professional knowledge relating to car accidents and the injuries they cause. These witnesses don’t witness the accident but rather witness its effects, and they lend their professional support to your need for compensation.

For example, a physician that did not treat you after your crash could be an example of an expert witness. Your attorney could interview the physician to get additional data about your injuries and their potential costs. The physician can give a sworn opinion under oath that can go far in building your case. Similarly, an occupational therapist could give sworn testimony to the fact that your injuries make it difficult or impossible to continue your job, which would indicate a need for additional compensation to cover lost wages.

With an attorney, you will know whether or not your case needs the help of an expert witness’s testimony. If it does, your attorney will interview the witness and prepare them for court, adding more support as you build your case.

Professional Help Preparing for Court

Not only will your attorney help you with interviewing witnesses in the proper way, but your attorney will also help you get ready for court yourself. If you have to go to court with your case, you need to present a competent and professional image in the courts. You also need to be able to answer questions truthfully without admitting guilt or fault, which could put your case in jeopardy. Your attorney will coach you through this process so that you can present the right image in court. With your attorney’s help, you will also avoid making mistakes when giving your testimony that could put your right to receive compensation at risk.

Get an Attorney’s Help Today for Your Philadelphia Car Crash Case

If you are facing the aftermath of a car crash in Philadelphia and suspect you may need to make a claim, don’t go into the process alone. Partner with an experienced Philadelphia car crash attorney to build a solid case. Reach out to one as soon as possible after your crash to ensure you get your evidence in hand quickly and can build a solid case.

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