Where Most Philadelphia, PA Car Accidents Happen

Factors Causing Increased Car Accidents in Philadelphia, PA

First, it is only common sense that there would be a higher incidence of car accidents in more populated cities. One such city is Philadelphia, PA.

A few factors impact the increased number of car accidents in any city, including Philadelphia.


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  • Driver neglect/distracted driving
  • Increased populace
  • Risky driving habits and taking unnecessary chances/speeding
  • A breach of duty of drivers to keep those around them safe
  • City or county error
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Inclement Weather
  • Road conditions
  • Poor road maintenance

Car Accidents in Philadelphia Robs Victims

Were you hurt or injured in a car accident on one of Philadelphia’s dangerous roadways? 

Did you lose a loved one due to a Philly car accident?

This accident happened because someone was not paying attention to their actions.


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When engaged in a negligent car accident, you must reclaim what this accident took from you. Unfortunately, few people have the financial resources to pay the unexpected mounting bills a car accident causes.

As a result, a seasoned negligent accident, injury, and death attorney must handle your negligent car accident case. You will receive little to no compensation without a seasoned, negligent attorney protecting your victim’s rights.

More money is needed to take care of these mounting costs. However, the bottom line is that insurance companies prefer to avoid paying out money and will pay as little as possible. Insurance companies and negligent drivers hire a team of lawyers to prove that you were at fault, causing the accident.

Never think that you must pay for someone else’s negligence. As an accident victim, someone needs to compensate you for their error in judgment.


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Because of the many obstacles you face, you need to seek legal counsel to fight for your rights. In addition, we have experience in calculating your losses, past, present, and way into the future, depending on your circumstances.

  • Personal property
  • Life-changing health and wellness with possible lifelong therapy and medical care
  • Loss of short or long-term income
  • Exorbitant mounting unexpected medical costs
  • Loss of companionship
  • Possible loss of home
  • Pain and suffering

Where do the Majority of Philadelphia Car Accidents Happen?

Philadelphia’s last populace count in early 2022 was 1,619,355. Common sense tells you that the more populated a city becomes, the more drivers there are and the more reported accidents.

Philadelphia has several areas that make driving dangerous. For example, the following roads are the most dangerous roadways in Philadelphia, making this city the most dangerous to drive in Pennsylvania.

  • Statistics report that most of the car accidents in Philadelphia happen at the Grays Avenue and S. 48th Street intersection.
  • PennDOT and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agree that an 11-mile segment of Roosevelt Blvd. in Philadelphia is the most dangerous road in Pennsylvania. The figures undoubtedly changed from 2015 to 2017, when 2017,80 people died on this stretch of road.

There are intersections along Roosevelt Blvd that have become increasingly dangerous, such as Roosevelt Blvd. at Red Lion Road.

The factor that makes Roosevelt Blvd so dangerous is its 12-lane highway. This highway is over 100 years old. Roosevelt Blvd spans stretches of road through residential neighborhoods, businesses, commercial areas, and retail stores.

There is an increased number of cars, buses, bikes, and pedestrians. As a result, this road is complicated, with varying speeds and congestion.

  • Roosevelt Blvd. at Grant Avenue is the second most deadly intersection in the county.
  • The Delaware Expressway or I-95 in Philly’s Northeast is heavily affected by speed and vehicle congestion. These factors caused the death of over 15 people from the years 2015-2017.
  • Grand Avenue and Southwest 49th Street show incredibly high traffic. While reported deaths on this stretch of road are low, the area accounts for significant car accidents and injuries.
  • The Schuylkill Expressway connects the King of Prussia to the city of Philly. This road is highly hectic and dangerous. Stats relate 12 deaths from 2015-2017.
  • Broad Street is the main roadway in Philly and hosts hectic vehicle congestion. This street realized nine deaths between 2015 and 2017.
  • Bustleton Avenue follows a route through Northeast Philly to get to Feasterville-Trevose, or Bryn Athyn sees its share of car accidents. Eleven deaths occurred on this stretch from 2015-2017.

The above roads see an abundance of bad driving habits, such as speeding, road rage, or aggressive driving, failure to yield the right-of-way, failing to follow traffic laws, distracted driving, drug and alcohol use, and failing to give pedestrians the right-of-way.

These dangerous spans of Philly roads are more susceptible to fatal car accidents due to drivers going more than 40 miles per hour and the negligent action of wearing no seat belts.

The Need for Philly’s Traffic Safety Plan and How Philly is Decreasing Negligent Car Accidents

Car accidents happen when there are negligent factors on your part or with another driver. It is difficult to tell drivers to pay attention when on the road. Avoid using your cell phone, and never text while driving. In addition, ensure your vehicle has safety features such as anti-lock brakes and airbags.

Every time you take your car on the road, you must keep yourself, your occupants, and those you share the road with safe. Never be the one to breach this duty to keep others safe. Never be the driver who is liable for a car accident.

Due to the mammoth reports of car accidents on these roadways, the city initiated a plan that created the Vision Zero Task Force. Its responsibility is to reduce severe injuries and death. This plan called for the following approaches.

  • Decreasing speed limits
  • Removing traffic lanes
  • Adding parking spots that narrow roads
  • Adding turn prohibitions
  • Adding more speed limit signs
  • Adding soft rumble strips
  • Raised crosswalks
  • Installation of red-light cameras
  • Speed cushions or speed humps with cutouts
  • Reduction of speed to 25 miles per hour through residential areas
  • Creating more accessibility on the road for disabled pedestrians
  • Make the city more bike and pedestrian-friendly

The Task Force is at work daily, and citizens have the right to request that studies be initiated in their problematic neighborhoods. After the Force gathers its statistics, they pass the data to city engineers. Next, city engineers work to compare the number of speeders and accidents in that given area.

The outcome tells these engineers what calming tools work best for that area.

Call Us Immediately if You are a Victim of a Negligent Car Accident

Our law firm deals with negligent accidents, injuries, and death from car accidents in PA every day. So, when you hire our esteemed car accident lawyers at Wapner Newman to advocate for your rights, we can accurately calculate your losses and get you fair compensation.

All car accidents, circumstances, injuries, and levels of the settlement are uniquely different. Therefore, each case we represent is different.

  • We have an impressive track record of winning negligent accident cases.
  • We have years of experience dealing with careless car accidents.
  • We have a great list of resources that go to work for you.
  • We must prove a breach of duty.
  • We must confirm that this car accident caused your injuries.
  • We must prove the damage done to you and your property.

The first call to us is for a free consultation. We cannot help you until you call us so we can hear your story. We can decide if you have a case. So, unfortunately, the proof of negligence always lies on our shoulders and yours.

Know that you only pay for our services if we can get you substantial compensation. We include our fees in your compensation package. It is impossible to fight a negligent car accident without a seasoned negligent attorney by your side.

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