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When you’ve suffered a fall on someone else’s property, you’re suddenly left dealing with medical bills, treatment procedures, and a painful recovery. If you fell as a result of a hazardous condition, let our Eugene slip and fall lawyer help you recover compensation. You shouldn’t have to face financial struggles on top of your injuries, and negligent property owners should be held accountable.

Our slip and fall attorney has helped injury victims recover the damages that they’re owed. Our legal team’s experience and knowledge of premises liability and personal injury law allow us to hold property owners accountable while ensuring that you receive full and fair compensation.


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What Damages Can a Slip and Fall Attorney Help Me Recover?

If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident, you likely have significant damages to recover. Medical bills and therapy costs to treat and address your injuries can be incredibly expensive. You might miss time at work due to recovery, therefore losing out on wages and income. Experiencing a bad injury after a slip and fall accident also means experiencing pain and suffering.

Team up with our slip and fall injury attorneys for help in obtaining maximum compensation for your injury.

A Eugene slip and fall lawyer can help you obtain monetary compensation for the damages described above. Recoverable damages are not limited to only those categories, however. The circumstances of each case are different, and, therefore, damages awarded can vary in type and amount. Some of the most common areas for which our slip and fall attorney can help you obtain compensation are:


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  • Medical expenses, including therapy and treatment costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished earning capacity if your injury prevents you from performing the same job
  • Disability
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of consortium for married couples.

Our slip and fall lawyers in Eugene can help you recover economic damages, which cover medical bills, lost wages, and other quantifiable, calculable damages. We can also help you obtain non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering and other non-quantifiable losses that still require compensation.

The Legal Aspects of an Oregon Slip and Fall Case

Understand How Our Slip and Fall Lawyers in Eugene Approach a Case

A slip and fall accident is a type of premises liability case. Premises liability law relates to laws and regulations for property owners and visitors. Property owners and managers have a legal responsibility to keep their properties safe and to prevent and respond to hazardous conditions.

When hazards are not dealt with, unsafe conditions on properties can cause injuries to guests. If a guest suffers an injury at a store, restaurant, shopping mall, plaza, or nearly any other type of property, property owners can be held responsible.

Slip and fall cases involve hazards like wet floors, crumbling stairs, and icy sidewalks, situations in which a property owner did not rectify a dangerous condition on his or her property, resulting in someone’s becoming injured. Slip and fall attorneys in Eugene look for several legal elements that must underlie a valid slip and fall claim:


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  1. The property owner owed a duty of care to keep premises reasonably safe for guests.
  2. The property owner breached that duty of care, allowing a dangerous condition to persist.
  3. As a result of this breached duty, a plaintiff suffered an injury.
  4. The plaintiff’s injuries resulted in damages or monetary expenses associated with the injuries.

In order to recover compensation, it’s essential for a Eugene slip and fall lawyer to demonstrate a property owner’s negligence. You should not have to cover expenses associated with your injury and accident because someone else negligently failed to maintain safe conditions.

Why Work with Our Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys?

Our Slip and Fall Law Firm Has Needed Experience and Knowledge to Help You

There are many reasons to work with our slip and fall lawyers in Eugene if you’ve been injured. First and foremost, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you recover maximum compensation following an accident. Our dedicated slip and fall injury attorneys know how to help you build a strong case for compensation and demonstrate that another party’s negligence resulted in your injuries. Doing so requires experience, skill, and knowledge of Oregon’s laws.

With any injury case, it’s important to use evidence to show that another party was negligent. The attorneys at our slip and fall law firm will work to gather evidence to support your case. Evidence can include:

  • Photographs of the accident scene
  • Photographs of your injuries
  • Testimony from expert witnesses
  • Testimony from eyewitnesses
  • Medical reports
  • Maintenance reports
  • Premises and property owner history.

A Eugene slip and fall lawyer can help to gather and review evidence that will be key to supporting your case. Even with strong evidence, defendants and insurance companies often try to shift blame onto an injury victim. However, an experienced slip and fall attorney is well aware of the tactics that defendants often employ. Our legal team will use our experience and skill to fight for the full value of your claim.

Let Our Slip and Fall Attorneys in Eugene Handle Insurance Companies

Even after a serious slip and fall accident, insurance companies can be all too likely to deny your claim. Or, they may greatly undervalue your claim, offering a settlement that does not begin to cover the range of your damages.

Insurance companies do their best to pay as little as possible when offering settlements. That’s why it’s critical to have our slip and fall lawyers in Eugene on your side. Our slip and fall injury attorneys know how to negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that your compensation adequately covers your expenses.

Insurance companies do their best to pay you as little as possible. Let our Eugene slip and fall lawyer help make sure you get a fair and full settlement.

Commercial property insurance companies often defend property owners who permitted unsafe conditions on their premises. These insurance companies are aggressive in their defense tactics. You’ll need an experienced slip and fall law firm on your side to ensure that you have a strong legal advocate for your case.

What to Do After You’ve Experienced a Slip and Fall Injury

If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident, it’s essential to obtain medical treatment right away and to do everything you can to protect your case. After an accident occurs, follow these steps as recommended by our slip and fall attorneys in Eugene.

  1. Seek medical treatment by contacting a physician or emergency medical services right away. Prompt treatment is essential to evaluating and treating your injuries. You’ll also establish a medical record of your injuries, which provides key evidence.
  2. Gather evidence as your condition permits. Photograph the accident scene and the hazard that caused your accident. Obtain contact information from any witnesses.
  3. Report your accident to a property owner or manager. Stick to the facts when doing so, and refrain from talking about your condition.
  4. Contact a slip and fall law firm as soon as you’re able to. A Eugene slip and fall lawyer can begin reviewing your case and can guide you on the next steps toward pursuing a claim.

You will likely be contacted by an insurance company shortly after your accident. Direct these calls to your slip and fall attorney. Insurance companies will try to use whatever you say to minimize the severity of your injury and reduce your settlement amount. Slip and fall lawyers in Eugene know how to handle these companies and their representatives.

How Much Money Can a Eugene Slip and Fall Lawyer Help Me Recover?

The value of your slip and fall claim will depend on several factors. In many cases, more severe injuries result in higher damages and a greater compensation award. Liability also affects value. If you were responsible in any way for your own injuries and accident, the value of your case could decrease.

Damages recovered from a personal injury case are meant to offset the medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs and hardships associated with injury. Our slip and fall injury attorneys want to help you recover as much compensation as possible in order to ensure that you don’t suffer financially on top of dealing with physical pain, stress, and anguish.

Contact Our Slip and Fall Attorney Today

If you’ve fallen and been injured on someone else’s property, who do you turn to for help? Call the Strong Law slip and fall law firm. Our legal team can provide a free consultation to review your case and can help build a strong case for your maximum compensation.

With an experienced team of slip and fall attorneys in Eugene on your side, we can stand up to insurance companies to make sure that you’re treated and compensated, fairly. Negligent property owners have no excuse for permitting unsafe conditions on their premises. They will be held accountable, and you will obtain the damages that you’re owed.

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