Exchanging Insurance Information After a Car Accident in Hanford, CA

exchanging insurance info in hanford CA
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If you’re ever injured in a car accident in Hanford, it’s essential to get accurate contact info for your defendant. Most significantly, you should exchange insurance details so you could start filing your injury claim.

While it may seem straightforward to collect another person’s insurance info, this step could be a stumbling block for plaintiffs. Californians need to know the common issues people run into when trying to obtain this crucial contact information.

How to Get a Driver’s Insurance Information

Immediately after a crash, it might be tempting to swap insurance details with the other person involved in your injury. However, there’s always a chance the defendant isn’t giving you their accurate contact details. Sometimes drivers may say they want to “settle” this matter without police intervention, but neglecting to obtain a police report can severely damage your claim. You could be left on the hook to pay for your medical bills and auto body damage.

The best way to get another person’s insurance number is to wait for a formal police report. This document not only contains loads of accurate info, it also has far greater credibility with insurers and jurors. Taking the time to call and wait for the police to gather evidence is ideal for getting a defendant’s contact info.

What to Do if Other Car Doesn’t Have Insurance

Of course, there’s no such thing as an “ideal accident.” Indeed, there are many cases where the police won’t have access to a defendant’s insurance info. For instance, people involved in hit-and-run collisions will have virtually no contact info.

Contact CA DMV

However, there are steps you could take to increase the odds of getting their insurance number. For starters, you could report your case to your local police precinct. The more info you have on your hit-and-run driver, the better chance they could get the details you need. It’s also within your rights to ask the CA DMV for insurance info on a specific driver. However, you’ll probably need a driver’s license plate if you’re working with the DMV.

Dashcam Footage

Dashcam footage is permissible in California court. Since hit and runs often happen in the flash of an eye, this dashcam evidence could help police catch a reckless driver. While dash cams aren’t essential, they may be a worthy preventative measure for Californians to consider.

Hanford Attorney Networking

Hanford accident victims could also reach out to a personal injury lawyer for help with their case. Even if you don’t have detailed info on your defendant, attorneys usually have partnerships with investigators who may help you recover damages. At the very least, it’s worth a free consultation call to figure out your best course of action.

California Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage

Just because you don’t have their insurance information doesn’t mean you can’t potentially recover damages for your injury case. If you obtained uninsured/underinsured motorists’ insurance, this coverage can help you recover damages for your injuries.

Contact a Hanford Personal Injury Attorney

When you contact Maison Law in Hanford, we will help you find the opposing driver’s insurance company. If it turns out that they don’t have insurance, we will help you to understand what your options are to move forward and receive your due compensation. Contact our Hanford office today to schedule a free consultation and case review.

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