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Securing the services of the best lawyer for personal injury in Macon, GA, can mean the difference between the settlement you deserve or incurring losses due to someone’s recklessness.

Choosing the right attorney ranks among the most pivotal decisions an ailing community member can make. After sustaining an injury or illness, you and your loved ones are likely dealing with high medical expenses, lost wages, overdue bills, and the stress and anxiety accompanying a major life setback. By conducting the following due diligence when hiring the right lawyer for personal injury in Macon, you’ll gain the experienced and determined representation needed to get the full, fair compensation you deserve.


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Why Not Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Is A Critical Mistake

There are myths surrounding personal injury cases that sometimes make people hesitant to hire an attorney. Believing these fictions too often leads hard-working people to either forgo a personal injury claim or try to resolve the matter without a lawyer. The result of choosing either path usually results in you paying for someone’s carelessness. These are reasons why not hiring a personal injury lawyer proves to be a critical mistake.

Injured People Believe Their Insurance Premiums Will Increase

Filing an insurance claim will not cause your rates to increase as long as the incident was not your fault. Georgia is considered a fault insurance state when filing automobile accident claims. That means your attorney would pursue damages from the negligent party’s insurance carrier.

Victims Believe Filing a Civil Lawsuit Harms the Negligent Party

It’s important to keep in mind the majority of personal injury cases involve the other party’s insurance carrier. Whether the incident is due to a car collision, slip and fall at a business, or medical malpractice, resolving a claim starts with insurance coverage. If a reckless or malicious individual’s policy does not cover all your losses, then a decision can be made. You have the option of suing the party directly or tapping the brakes. The choice is yours.


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Non-Lawyers Believe They Can Settle The Case Themselves

It may be true that injured people can sometimes negotiate with an insurance company and get a settlement. Some think this strategy saves money on legal fees. But truth be told, few people without legal training or experience with personal injury cases can secure fair compensation. An insurance adjuster or company lawyer will undervalue your injuries in an effort to save money. That’s because big insurance is in the profit business, and fairly compensating people hurts its bottom line.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is about recovering your losses and not getting rich. If anyone disagrees with that fact, consider the alternative. You would be paying for someone else’s bad behavior. And if they are not held accountable, another unsuspecting community member will likely suffer a similar fate.

What You Need to Know About a Lawyer for Personal Injury in Macon

If you or a loved one suffered a loss, family and friends are often quick to offer recommendations about lawyers. Some may have worked with an attorney to resolve a dispute. Others make suggestions based on what they heard through the grapevine. Although people in your orbit may be well-intentioned, these are things to consider when vetting a personal injury attorney.

What Is The Law Firm’s Primary Focus?

Unlike the medical profession, attorneys do not necessarily earn a specialty in an area of law. Some firms prefer to operate as general practitioners and field cases, including business law, personal injury, real estate, and anything that provides billable hours. Others decide to focus on specific types of cases.


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A firm that focuses on personal injury cases develops an ongoing rapport with judges, court personnel, and insurance industry professionals tasked with settling civil lawsuits. A lawyer who works on personal injury cases on a daily basis also learns the best way to settle a case and get the maximum possible compensation for their client.

Has The Attorney Received Disciplinary Action?

It may come as something of a surprise, but a number of lawyers are disciplined by the State Bar of Georgia each year. The Bar’s website shows a lengthy list of attorneys who have been disciplined for a variety of issues. Some have even been disbarred. If an attorney appears on the State Bar of Georgia platform, check the type of action and review the case findings. It’s never a good thing when a lawyer has been punished professionally.

What Do People Say about A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Reputation may not be a quantitative way to decide whether to hire a personal injury lawyer in Macon. But people tend to develop a public perception based on deeds. An attorney that is said to be diligent and hard-working likely possesses traits worth considering. A personal injury law firm known for settling cases for high dollar amounts without going to trial might be the right fit for you.

The point is that people in any profession leave a lasting impression. Take the time to read online reviews and talk to people who have previously worked with a given attorney. Once you’ve narrowed your list, schedule a free consultation and ask pointed questions.

What to Ask A Personal Injury Attorney in Macon

The conventional thinking around a personal injury consultation is that victims are only there to provide information for an attorney to evaluate the merits of the case. This meeting is just as much about your comfort with a particular lawyer as the potential compensation and steps it will take to resolve the case. That’s why it’s essential to ask the following questions and decide whether the answers garner your confidence and trust.

  • How many personal injury cases like mine have you settled?
  • Can you dedicate enough time to my personal injury case?
  • Will you periodically update me about my personal injury case?
  • Who will be handling my personal injury case?
  • How do your contingency fee and payment schedule work?
  • Will I be responsible for payment if we lose the case?

When hiring a lawyer for personal injury in Macon, you will be entrusting that person to build a persuasive case and get the full, fair compensation you deserve. Choosing the right lawyer requires your comfort and confidence everything possible will be done on your behalf.

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If you or a loved one suffered a loss due to someone else’s carelessness or intentional act, it’s crucial you have an experienced and determined personal injury on your side. The Mann Law Firm focuses on personal injury claims, and David Mann involves himself in every case. We are committed to getting our clients the full, fair compensation you deserve. Call us or request a free consultation online.


David Mann

David Mann believes that all clients deserve the fullest attention of their lawyers. He’s developed this working principle over the course of a diverse legal career that has included both plaintiff representation and insurance defense work. Mann’s practice focuses primarily on workers' compensation representation and personal injury cases, mostly resulting from automobile collisions and 18-wheeler accidents.

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