Types of Personal Injury Cases in Asheville, NC

Being involved in any type of accident can be a challenging and stressful situation. Depending on the accident, you could also be left with personal injuries and personal property damage. In these situations, the party that is responsible for the accident should cover your damages. If you are not receiving the financial support that you should be entitled to, filing a personal injury lawsuit can be a good idea. There are several tips of personal injury cases that people in the Asheville, NC area are most likely to file if they do suffer an injury.

Vehicle Accidents

One of the most common ways that someone can get hurt is if they are involved in a car accident. As many people across the country drive their vehicles on a daily basis, accidents can happen. While most drivers do their best to be safe when they are behind the wheel, distractions, poor decision-making, and other challenges can impact their ability to drive safely. In these situations, the party that causes the accident and is at fault should be held responsible for any damages. In most cases, the damages will be covered under the driver’s auto insurance plan. However, if they do not have coverage or damages exceed the policy limit, the other party will still be required to make up the difference.

Slip and Fall

Anyone that owns any type of property has the responsibility to ensure that is safe for anyone to visit. If you are walking on a sidewalk, through a store, or even inside of someone’s home, and you slip and fall due to hazards in the area, you could receive reimbursement of any damages that you incur through a personal injury claim. The majority of these cases will be handled by working with insurance companies as their property insurance should provide a provision for liability insurance. Your personal injury attorney will be able to work with the other party and their insurance provider to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Assault and Battery

One of the more serious forms of personal injury cases filed is assault and battery cases. If you are injured due to the willful actions of another party, it can be considered assault and battery. This type of personal injury claim often stands out compared to other types of cases because it often will come with a criminal filing as well. If you are a victim of assault and battery, the other party should be held responsible for all of your damages. This can include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and even mental anguish. It is important to always hire an attorney if you are a victim of this crime.

Animal Bites

Having a dog, cat, or another animal as a pet is very common. However, if you do bring a pet into your home, you are going to be responsible for the pet. While this includes ensuring that you provide it with good care, you also need to make sure that it does not pose a risk to visitors or anyone walking by your home. If a dog or other pet gets loose and bites someone, the owner of the pet will be responsible for damages. This often includes bills related to medical care that is needed to ensure there are not any lasting injuries. Depending on the situation, the animal bites could be covered under the pet owner’s home insurance policy.

Medical Malpractice

Most people are going to need to receive some form of medical care or procedure in their lifetime. When you do go in to see a medical professional, you will likely be in good hands. However, there is always a chance that a doctor, surgeon, or another healthcare professional can make a mistake or poor decision when providing you with care. If this is the case, there is a chance that you could suffer even more health setbacks.

This negligence and type of mistake is typically considered medical malpractice and is a form of personal injury. In many cases, medical malpractice claims will be covered under the healthcare provider’s insurance policy. As this type of care can be complicated to prove, having a personal injury attorney by your side can be helpful. They can help you better understand your situation and build a case.

Wrongful Death

In the majority of situations, a personal injury will result in some form of injury that will require care and you will likely eventually be able to fully recover. However, there are situations in which the mistakes can be very damaging and even result in death. If you have a loved one that does pass away due to the negligence of another party, you can file a wrongful death personal injury case. In these cases, damages can be significant as you can claim lost wages as well as significant pain and suffering that can come with the unexpected loss of a loved one.

If you are involved in any type of accident in the Asheville, NC area, you should receive financial reimbursement for your losses. Any time you have incurred a loss due to an accident or negligence of another party, you need to hire an attorney for representation. For those that are in the area, hiring a personal injury lawyer Lakota R. Denton is a great idea. This attorney and legal team can provide a range of services to ensure you are properly represented and receive the support and compensation that you are entitled to. Their services can include providing you with a consultation, handling any settlement negotiations, and even handling your case if it goes to court.


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