Where Most Williamsport, PA, Car Accidents Happen

Pennsylvania is well-known for its poorly maintained and designed roadways. Thus, this impacts all cities throughout Pennsylvania, including Williamsport.

Williamsport, PA, is part of Lycoming County and sits in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The more populated a city is, you may or may not see an increase in car accidents in the area. Williamsport, PA, had the last census count in 2010 of slightly over 116,000 people, a relatively small community compared with other cities in PA.


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One has to wonder why some cities in the United States are more susceptible to car accidents with injuries and death.

In most cases, car accidents happen because you or some other driver was not paying attention and became negligent in keeping others safe while you were behind the wheel. However, in a few instances, car crashes happen, and no one is at fault. The alarming increase in car crashes in and around Williamsport could be because of the following factors.

  • Distractions of numerous sorts
  • Problematic or bad driving habits
  • Speeding
  • Road Rage
  • Not practicing defensive driving
  • Fatigued, tired, sleepy
  • Failure to use your car’s signals
  • Not avoiding road hazards
  • Not allowing pedestrians the right-of-way
  • Coasting through stop signs and lights
  • Not obeying traffic signs
  • Not slowing down at intersections
  • Tailgating
  • Not adjusting speed for weather conditions affecting roadways
  • Traffic congestion
  • Poor lighting
  • Improper street signs
  • Failure to warn drivers about dangerous road conditions

Does Williamsport, PA, have Dangerous Roads?

Roads rarely cause car accidents. Instead, it is the drivers on those roads who develop bad driving habits. So it is not only the dangerous roads but also the drivers driving those roads. Accidents rarely happen if not for the negligent actions of someone. Never let that someone be you.


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If drivers do not change their bad driving habits, cars will continue to crash, and drivers and their occupants will continue to receive serious injuries and even die.

Every city, no matter its size, has a few roads that drivers must take caution to prevent accidents. Most of the roadways in and around Williamsport, PA, are main thoroughfares linking the city with other municipalities nearby.

Thus, these dangerous roads are considered Pennsylvania’s most dangerous roadways versus Williamsport’s most hazardous roads.

One resident of Williamsport commented that complaints to the city had been made about Hillside Avenue to city parks and Streets as hazardous, but to no avail. Most of the dangerous roadways in and around Williamsport were highways and are listed as follows.


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  • I-95 and I-76
  • South Williamsport
  • Routes 80 and 81, a northeast extension
  • Route 180
  • Route 15
  • Route 220
  • Route 287
  • Route 44

The Delaware Expressway is always under some construction, causing narrowed lanes and traffic congestion. Reports say that car crashes happen on this roadway because drivers become impatient, irritated, and aggressive and drive faster than conditions allow.

While this roadway is not the most dangerous, it sits in 39th place out of the top 100 hazardous roads in the United States, accounting for too many car crash deaths.

  • I-78

This road has eight miles of danger. This road’s threat has forced city and county engineers to begin a $175 million reconstruction. Reports say that nearly 40 percent of crashes involve tractor-trailer vehicles.

The eight miles of danger on this road report a 71 percent increase in crashes. In addition, deaths were at least 40 percent higher on this eight-mile stretch.

  • I-80, known as The Pennsylvania Turnpike

This Interstate is the longest roadway running from east-west, is heavily traveled, and always needs repair.

The worst car accident in 2001 involved 63 vehicles and 43 injured drivers, including an explosion from a flammable tractor-trailer amid these 63 crashed vehicles. Traffic reports say that over the last 20 years, there have been 106 deaths on I-80. But, again, the reason was weather conditions. This accident undoubtedly could have been avoided had every driver been paying attention and driving according to weather conditions.

Pennsylvania rebuilt over 300 miles of this Interstate twenty years ago. As a result, road hazards such as traffic congestion, potholes, and deteriorating driving surfaces are always present.

  • I-79 and I-70 Interchange

The most dangerous portion of this Interstate is at the I-790 and I-70 Interchange. The reasons are: Drivers must make a sharp U-turn when driving from I-79 north and when entering I-70.

As a result, drivers drive over the posted 45-mile-per-hour limit and fail to make the turn safely. As a result, many drivers crash into the interchange wall. This poorly designed Interchange is under reconstruction.

  • Roosevelt Boulevard

This road is one of the most dangerous six-lane, hazardous curvy roads in both directions in the United States. Additionally, this road is host to two of the most deadly intersections. Increased accidents happen when drivers turn in the wrong three-way.

  • The intersection of Knights Road and Street Road in Bensalem

Seven deaths from car accidents have occurred at this site over the last ten years. These accidents are reportedly due to poor road signs, aggressive drivers, traffic congestion, and poor lighting.

  • Williamsport Rural Roads

A recent study showed that rural roads were as dangerous as other hazardous roads. One reason is that rural roads need to be better maintained.

Reports say there was a nearly 50 percent death rate from car crashes on rural roads.

The clients we have represented and are involved in negligent car accidents saw the following reasons for the accidents. Rest assured, you were not held responsible for,

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Running red lights
  • Running stop signs
  • Illegal turns
  • Driving after ingesting drugs or alcohol
  • Numerous moving violations
  • Distracted driving/cell phone use/texting

If you drive Pennsylvania roads a lot, know the roads and their possible dangers, and stay vigilant when driving. However, sometimes you have no control over situations you may find yourself in when involved in a car accident.

The Duty of Every Driver?

It is your driver’s responsibility to remain safe and keep other drivers on the road safe. If you breach your duty to keep others safe, you may end up as a defendant in a major settlement case instead of the victim. You may become a negligent driver.

We have listed only a few essential tips and urge Pennsylvania drivers to follow them to remain safe until their destination is reached.

  • Obey all traffic laws.
  • Obey the speed limits.
  • Keep your vehicle maintained.
  • Refuse to become distracted while driving.
  • Avoid all traffic hazards whenever possible. If you must drive on dangerous roads, stay alert, be patient, and do not speed.

Our Negligent Accident Attorneys Cannot Help You Until You Call Us

There are definitive things you must do as soon as you are involved in a car accident. However, the first few steps are vital to a possible settlement case.

  • Immediately call 911 and report what you know about the accident.
  • Never give any words or statements that lead the police to believe that you caused the accident. Never say the following, as these words can hurt a future compensation case if you are the victim.

“I am sorry,” or 

“This accident could have been my fault.” 

  • Seek medical help and never refuse to be medically cleared by an emergency room doctor.
  • Call our firm as soon as possible. Sometimes we visit the accident scene while it is still fresh and initiates our in-depth investigation. (Keep our phone number in an easy-to-access place in your car)
  • Call and report the accident to your insurance company.

There are other pressing and essential steps to take in this process, and we can explain them to you.

First, as a negligent car accident victim, you must file for compensation to pay for all your unexpected costs. You will need us to help you recoup your losses. Victims never represent themselves because they will never win a settlement or enough to pay for all costs. For example, a simple car accident can cost upwards of $130,000. If a death occurs due to an accident, compensation could be over five million dollars.

If your vehicle crash happens on one of Pennsylvania’s dangerous roads, resulting in injuries or death, please call us immediately. This call is free, and there is no obligation. This call allows us to hear your story and the facts of your accident. We can tell you if you have a good case of negligence by another person.

Potential clients are hesitant to call us due to attorney fees. Never think that you cannot afford to hire a negligent attorney. You cannot afford not to have seasoned legal representation when filing a settlement case. You must know that you will pay us nothing until we win your settlement case.

Our fee for your case is calculated into your settlement. So the bottom line is that the defendant pays your fees for our service. Knowing this should put your mind at ease regarding our fees.

This car accident attorney is a seasoned, licensed, experienced, board-certified trial lawyer with a highly successful track record for winning negligent car accident cases and has won millions of dollars for hundreds of car accident victims. So never feel guilty about suing a negligent driver. You did not cause this accident, so why must you consider bankruptcy or pay for the defendant’s error in judgment?

We know Pennsylvania law and the judicial system of this state. We are seasoned, experienced, negligent attorneys who work tirelessly for the victim.

  • However, each negligent car accident is different.
  • There are unique circumstances for each accident.
  • There are various degrees of injuries.
  • If someone dies negligently, there are unique factors to consider.
  • Injuries can be short-term or for life. Injuries to this severe degree mean you need enough of a settlement to help you for the rest of your life. We can only tell you how much of a payment you may get once we have investigated and have all the facts.

Pennsylvania law sets a two-year statute of limitations for filing for a settlement in a car accident. Therefore, the time for filing starts at the time of your accident.

Consequently, it is vital to call us as soon as possible. If you cannot come to a fair and just settlement out of court, we are always prepared to go to court to get you the payment you deserve.

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