Who Can Be Held Responsible in A Houston, TX Product Injury Lawsuit?

When we peruse store shelves in search of an item, we typically shop with thoughts of price, functionality, and whether the item will serve our intended purpose.  What we do not think about when we are making our buying choice is whether or not the item has the potential to actually harm you or a loved one.

Unfortunately, when a product defect materializes, however, the consumer is on the front lines of any harm that might come from that defective item.  If you or a loved one in the greater Houston, TX area is injured owing to a defective product, you have legal recourse to obtain recompense for your loss and injuries.


Product injury lawyers are experts at assessing the level of liability for defective products and fight diligently to ensure that those responsible for causing the harm are held accountable.  Let us look at product liability to see exactly what it entails before turning our attention to discovering who can be held responsible in a Houston, TX product injury lawsuit.

What is Product Liability?

As a consumer-based economy, the United States is engaged in the selling of products throughout the nation.  Regrettably, the old adage, “Buyer Beware,” is rarely considered as these items make their way through the supply chain.  The truth is that any product might be susceptible to failure and defects that can have a negative and harmful impact on you or a loved one.

Under Texas statutes, the state recognized three types of defects that can be actionable in court.  Defects in design and manufacturing are two of the three types of defects.  Simply stated, flaws in the item’s design or poor product construction can be the cause of failure and harm.  The third category of state recognized defects arise around issues of improper labeling or poor instructions.

Obvious product areas that might cause harm could include automobiles or medical equipment, but poor design and manufacturing can infect any production line.  Those products that slip past the quality control process represent serious threats to the health and welfare of the consumer.

Who is Liable to A Product Injury Lawsuit?

In this fractured, albeit, interconnected world, the products we might buy on the global market could pass through a myriad of companies before it arrives in your home or workplace.  This sometimes makes it difficult to identify who has legal responsibility for any resultant injury caused by a defect in the product.

That being said, however, having a number of firms involved with the sale of a defective product means that your product injury lawyers have a number of targets when it comes to assigning legal blame for the accident.

Indeed, if you or a loved one has been injured because of a defective product, your attorney might pursue all those responsible for the loss.  This means the designer, manufacturer, or even the retail outlet could be held to account for any damages.  Should negligence be shown at the heart of the product defect, your attorney will diligently explore all your legal options.

Texas law is very protective of the consumers within the state, and your product injury attorney will lean heavily on those protections to press your legal claim for damages in the face of defects in a recently purchased product.

How Can a Project Attorney Help You?

Whenever you attempt to confront a large organization, whether the manufacturer of a defective product, or the insurance company representing them in court, you can expect that their cadre of attorneys will do whatever they can to either limit or completely dismiss any court case for damage owing to poorly designed or made products.

As such, having a legal team with the knowledge and resources to counter these deflective tactics is critical to filing and successfully processing a legal claim against errant manufacturing and design errors.  If you or a loved one has been injured by a product related injury, you will need to have someone fighting on your behalf and your rights.

The last thing you want to do is go into battle, legal or otherwise, without the proper weapons at your disposal.  Having a team of product injury lawyers is the correct weapon to help guarantee success in court.

Call Houston Attorney Terry Bryant for Legal Representation

If a defective product leads to harm or injury to you or a loved one, you have legal rights designed to help you recoup any financial loss owing to the injury.  Considering that the other party’s insurance company will do everything they can to limit or eliminate paying any claims, you need seasoned legal counsel sitting beside you to help press your product liability claim in court and at the negotiation table.

Houston-based attorney Terry Bryant has the experience and legal skills to press the case home when it comes time to explore your options regarding the filing of a successful product liability lawsuit in Texas.  Call today and schedule an appointment to discuss your case because you are entitled to compensation if another’s negligence leads to harm because of a defective product.

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