Steps In A Woodridge, IL Criminal Case

Criminal Cases in Illinois Need the Immediate Attention of a Seasoned Woodridge, Illinois Defense Attorney

You would naturally feel overwhelmed if you are ever arrested and charged with a crime, especially if you are not guilty of the crime you are charged with.

If this is the first arrest, you will feel uncertain about what will occur, what you can expect, and the possible outcome of your arrest. Many people have no idea about the judicial process and the steps required in any criminal case.


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It is a fact that the criminal court process in any state, such as Illinois, is complex, complicated, and very intimidating. When you are charged with a criminal action, you must contact a criminal attorney to hear the facts of your case and protect your right to a fair hearing and judicial process.

Anyone can undoubtedly represent themselves in a court of law. However, the outcome of self-representation cases is never successful. If you reside in Illinois, Woodridge, or surrounding areas and are arrested in a criminal case, you must immediately call our seasoned criminal case attorney to hear your case facts.

We cannot stress the vital importance of having a seasoned criminal attorney by your side as soon as possible, as this depends on the best outcome of your charges.


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What are the Steps in a Criminal Case in Illinois?

While there may be slight differences in how each state handles the steps in a criminal case, all states, including Illinois, are basically the same and follow the same criteria. The steps in a criminal case in Illinois are as follows.

You Need an Attorney

Call Wolf & Stec, Family Law & Criminal Defense Firm in Woodridge, Illinois, immediately upon your arrest. We cannot help you until you call us.

An Investigation is Imminent

There is always a police investigation. The depth of this investigation depends on the charges. This investigation could include a search of your home, your business, or your properties. This investigation could include questioning family, friends, witnesses, and co-workers.

An Arrest Means Probable Cause

You will not be arrested unless the police have probable cause for you to commit a crime. Once you are in police custody, the police must give you your Miranda Rights. Miranda Rights mean, “I have the right to remain silent, and I have the right to call my attorney.” Call us at Wolf & Stec, your representing criminal defense attorneys. The police cannot refuse you these rights.


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Hearings for Bond or Bail

A determination is made as to whether or not there are sufficient grounds for the police to file charges. If there are sufficient grounds, the bond court sets a hearing to set your bail amount, releasing you from jail.

It is the judge who determines if you are eligible for release. The judge sets the bond amount and the conditions of your release.

It would be best if you had us by your side before you enter this phase. We can present reasons why you are eligible for release and get the judge to lower your bond amount. If you can post bond, your custody is released.

Preliminary Hearing vs. Grand Jury Hearing and Arraignment

You cannot be charged with a crime except through a formal charge at a preliminary or grand jury hearing.

Preliminary Hearing

The prosecution presents a summary to the judge regarding the evidence of your crime. The judge determines if there is enough evidence against you that you committed the crime you are charged with.

Grand Jury Hearing

Sixteen people determine your charges by a grand jury. These people decide if there is enough evidence against you and if there is probable cause that you committed the crime. If there is sufficient evidence, you are formally charged via an indictment.


At this time, you stand before the judge, and the judge informs you of the formal charges and possible penalties if you are found guilty. You can enter your plea of guilty or not guilty at this time.

It would be best if you had us by your side at this time. If you did not call us, please call us immediately. The judge will likely postpone arraignment until you contact and hire us to represent you. As soon as you enter a plea of not guilty, we begin to prepare your case for trial.

Steps Towards Pre-Trial Preparation and Trial

We reserve the right to have time to review all the facts of your case and all evidence that the prosecution has against you. Our in-depth and extensive investigation includes witness statements, police reports, physical evidence, securing evidence that may be presented at your trial, photos, videos, and all other pertinent information.

All the information we gather through our intense and in-depth investigation forms our defense strategy for your criminal case.

We May Begin the Plea Bargain Process

We examine times when we may negotiate with the prosecution team regarding a plea bargain before your verdict is rendered. Be warned; plea bargain terms vary significantly depending on your crime, your criminal history, and how much evidence the prosecution has regarding your charges.

The Trial Phase

If your criminal case proceeds to court, you can choose to elect a bench trial where the judge determines your fate regarding your innocence or guilty outcome. If you choose a jury trial, you leave it up to the jury to determine your fate based on the evidence the prosecution brings to them.

In either choice, the prosecution’s responsibility is to prove you are guilty of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Time for the Verdict

After the defense and prosecution teams present their case to the judge and jury, either will have to deliberate the evidence of their case and issue their verdict.

When you are found not guilty, you are free to go. However, a guilty verdict means you must face the sentencing phase of your case before a judge or judge and jury.


If you are found guilty, the judge imposes your sentence. The judge takes into consideration all information brought before them. The judge takes into consideration all recommendations from the defense and prosecution teams.

The Appeals Process

If you or your attorneys at Wolf & Stec believe that your case involved errors or unfair sentencing, you have the right to appeal to an appellate court.

Seasoned Criminal Defense Attorneys at Wolf & Stec, Woodridge, Illinois

We are seasoned and experienced criminal defense attorneys in Illinois. If you reside in Illinois, Woodridge, or surrounding areas, please call us at the time of your arrest or before, so we can be by your side and protect your rights. Wolf & Stec Defense Attorneys are seasoned leaders in criminal defense cases in Illinois. We can only get to work for you once you give us a call as soon as possible.

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