Monica K. Lindstrom: Confidence to Take Charge

Monica K. Lindstrom
2024 Feature Nominations

Attorney at Law Magazine Phoenix spoke with Monica K. Lindstrom mediations and arbitrations specialist and founder of Monica Lindstrom Mediations about her college experiences in cheer and Spiritline at Northern Arizona University for the Athletes in Law 2020 issue.

Monica K. LindstromAALM: Can you give us three reasons you enjoyed being part of a cheer/spirit team as well as three reasons you enjoy the law?

ML: Being part of a team in college is great for many obvious reasons. You learn how to be responsible, work with others and build comraderie. These lessons easily flow into becoming a successful professional. As a mediator, I have to work with others, build rapport and teach teamwork. Not only that, being a Spiritleader gives you confidence to take charge and lead when necessary.

AALM: What did you do to calm your butterflies before performing and what do you do to calm butterflies before trial?

ML: Performing can be very stressful. I learned, through dance, the best way to calm that stress and those butterflies is to practice, practice, practice. The more prepared you are the more confident you will feel. The more confident = less stress. I have learned to be as prepared as possible, whether it be for radio, tv, a mediation or a speaking event.  The more prep at the beginning means more success down the road.

AALM: Who was your favorite coach at any level and why?

ML: Kristin Eberhardt was my dance instructor for my entire tenure at NAU. She was my favorite because she taught me not only how to dance and perform, but also how to be a good person. Kristin was a confidant and always had sound advice.  She cared and helped shape me into the person and mother I am today.

AALM: How did competing at the NCAA level make you a better attorney?

ML: During the time I was part of the NAU Spiritline we did not compete, but we were always visible. Our season was really nine months long and we covered football, volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, various school events, swimming and track and field. We were the faces and spirit of NAU. I learned how to put my emotions and problems aside in order to do my job. This translates into my profession as a mediator/arbitrator/judge because I need to put my own emotions and ideas aside to help others create and follow their own.

Favorite Cheer/Dance Movie: Chicago, the music, the choreography and the dancers are fantastic!
Favorite Legal Movie: A Time to Kill
Her Mantra: Empower, respect and integrity is my motto when working with people

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