Robert Boatman: Poise Under Pressure

Robert Boatman
2024 Feature Nominations

Attorney at Law Magazine Phoenix spoke with Gallagher & Kennedy person injury attorney Robert Boatman about his pitching career with the University of Stanford baseball team for the Athletes in Law 2020 issue. 

Robert BoatmanAALM: What are some of the highlights of your college baseball career?

RB: I was fortunate to play on great teams that ranked in the top 10 several times during my era. I played with John Elway, Steve Buchelle and Mike Aldrete.

AALM: What lessons did you learn playing ball that you apply to your practice today?

RB: To compete and stay focused under pressure.

AALM: What are three things you enjoy about being part of a baseball team and three things you enjoy about practicing law?

RB: Baseball made the college experience much more fun. Great teammates, life lessons and competing at a high level. As a lawyer I like helping people, being constantly intellectually challenged and the competition.

AALM: How do you relate your experiences playing baseball to competing as an attorney?

RB: As a relief pitcher I had to come into tough situations and handle the pressure. The same is true as a lawyer.

AALM: What qualities do you feel make a good team captain and which make for a good law partner?

RB:  Integrity, care and support for your partners. Hard work and discipline for both.

AALM: What did you do to calm your nerves while playing ball and what do you do now before a trial?

RB: In both instances I remind myself that I have prepared as much as I can and then I just get started.

AALM: Who was your favorite coach at any level and why?

RB: My Pop Warner football coach Tony Lopez. He was a 300-pound concrete contractor and the toughest, most demanding man I ever knew.

AALM:  How do you think competing in sports at the NCAA level made you a better attorney?

RB: It gave me a running start in competing and handling pressure situations.


Favorite Baseball Hero: Mike Trout
Legal Hero: Mark Lanier
Position Played: Pitcher
Most Important Lessons Learned from Coach: Discipline and to stay poised.
What Other Sport He Wanted to Play: Football

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