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As we all prepare our resolutions and business goals for 2022, we are also reflecting back on 2021. For us at Attorney at Law Magazine, that means looking back on the most popular and well-read stories of 2021 and planning our editorial for 2022. We thought we’d share the list of our most popular stories from 2021 with you our readers. Note: We only included stories published in the year 2021. 

No. 1: Coca-Cola GC Issues Open Letter on Outside Counsel Diversity Guidelines

An interview with Coca-Cola General Counsel Bradley M. Gayton following the distribution of an open letter to all the company’s outside counsel outlining strict diversity guideline expectations. Gayton spoke about the impetus behind the guidelines, the expectations following their issuance and his experience with diversity initiatives and their fallacies.

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No. 2: Prospective Associates, Beware the Lowered Billable Hour Allure

emotional health

Hannah Genton, the co-founder of the transactional law firm CGL, penned this opinion article about the current legal landscape and the surge in benefit packages at BigLaw firms and how these shiny packages are often full of empty promises. She delves into the industry-wide burnout and some actionable steps law firm leaders can take to address the issues.

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No. 3: Nightingale: Major Shake-up of Immigration Agency FOIA Programs

Nightingale v. USCIS Freedom of Information Act

Written by Emily Creighton, the legal director of transparency at the American Immigration Council, this article delves into the impact of the Nightingale v. USCIS class action lawsuit. A San Francisco federal court ruled that agencies have demonstrated a pattern of violating the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and were required to improve. Creighton delves into the background of the case and the decision’s impact.

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No. 4: Defining ‘Good’ Law Firm Culture (and How Associates Are Shaping What It Means)

law firm culture

Major Lindsey & Africa’s managing director of the associate practice group, Kate Reder Sheikh, shared the four areas most law firm associates assess when determining the “culture” of a law firm and the ways to retain top talent.

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No. 5: Attorney Burnout Is on the Rise. What Can You Do About It?

attorney burnout

Penned by Angelia Salgado of The Prinz Law Firm, this article delves into the effect the pandemic has had on an already overstrained profession and some simple steps attorneys can do to alleviate (and avoid) burnout. Additionally, she walks through steps law firms can take to help their lawyers avoid burnout.

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No. 6: An Interview with U.S. District Judge Ada Brown

Judge Ada Brown

In her March interview with the magazine, U.S. District Court Judge Ada Brown spoke about her career and the landmark of becoming the first African-American woman judge for the Northern District of Texas.

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No. 7: NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul Newby: ‘I’m Not a Legislator in a Black Robe’

Chief Justice Paul Newby

Following his installation as chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court (after a 40-day recount process), Justice Newby sat down with publisher Bob Friedman in late January to discuss the unprecedented challenges awaiting him in his new role.

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No. 8: Jeff Anderson & Associates: From Pioneer to Powerhouse

Jeff Anderson & Associates

The June cover story of the Minnesota magazine followed the career transformation of Jeff Anderson following a case in the early 80s. He became dedicated to suing on behalf of victims of child sexual abuse. After his first case 37 years ago, he has built a firm dedicated to advocating for survivors. In the interview, Anderson shares a bit about his personal history as well as his dedication to his practice.

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No. 9: Ty Frankel: Making It Work

Ty Frankel

In his June cover story in the Phoenix magazine, Ty Frankel of Bonnett, Fairbourn, Friedman & Balint PC shares about his legal career starting with an internship for Senator Ted Kennedy that sparked his passion for the practice of law.

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No. 10: The Great Resignation & Associate Shortage: Cause & Effect

great resignation

Recruiter Frederick Shelton, in his latest article, delves into the impact of the Great Resignation on the legal industry and some first-hand accounts of why associates are making the decision to leave their practices.

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