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Carrie Peele
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Carrie Peele knows a good opportunity when she sees one. After being raised outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she saw the chance to get out of the cold weather and moved to North Carolina.

The most recent opportunity she spotted was last year when she partnered her document management company with the rapidly growing Mako Medical Labs. Peele launched her company in the Triangle. She now owns Mako Documents, a separate entity from Mako Medical Labs, yet a strategic partner.


PPC for Legal

“It is a perfect match. We currently secure files for the legal industry in our HIPAA compliant facility. The inclusion of healthcare is a huge addition to our storage, scanning and shredding business.”

Mako Medical Labs currently employs 170 people in North Carolina. On Nov. 28, 2017, Chad Price CEO with Gov. Roy Cooper announced plans to build a $15.4 million testing facility and warehouse space in Henderson, North Carolina, that will create 150 new jobs over the next five years.

The Gold Standard

Peele was CEO of Blue Diamond Worldwide Transportation, a corporate transportation and luxury limousine service for 25 years until the company was sold in 2014. At the time, it was the largest woman- owned luxury transportation company in North and South Carolina. Now, where to store the company records and files which require secure retention for the next 10 years?


Dram Shop Experts

Hence, Peele began searching for a new adventure again with a high component of customer service. An industry that her team could excel and serve the business community. A document storage, scanning and shredding company was created.

Mako Documents has clients across the Carolinas and surrounding states. The company is HIPAA compliant, which Peele describes as “the gold standard of document retention” and follows the NC Bar Rules of Professional Conduct.

In our facility, we manage documents using barcodes, location tracking numbers with our proprietary software. Our clients have a portal to their dashboard that shows all records in our facility. They can request records, same-day, next-day and priorityrush. We’ve taken the stress out of locating a file.

“The original file belongs to the client and, because of the general fiduciary duty to safeguard the property of a client, a lawyer should store a client’s file in a secure location where client confidentiality can be maintained. With the consent of the client, a closed file may be destroyed at any time. Absent the client’s consent to disposal of a file, a closed file must be retained for a minimum of six years after the conclusion of the representation,” said Peele.


Personal Injury Summit

“Many law firms are moving toward a paperless office. Our staff scans documents every day.” During the process documents are reviewed with meticulous accuracy.

A Key to Security

“It is better to store your sensitive records in an offsite location with a secure environment, HIPAA compliant facility that protects PHI and prevents a data breach.” Mako controls overhead costs, preserves vital records, streamlines file retrieval and keeps your law office compliant.

“One of the benefits of working with Mako Documents, you are doing business with the president of the company herself,” added Peele, “Its important to know that I will always be there.”

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