6 Things to Be Prepared for When Applying to Law School

applying to law school
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The long and fervent closing argument had left the courtroom silent. The lawyer then turned to the jury with a determination in the eyes that somehow told that the case was won. The anticipation was high and yet thrilling. 

Such scenes are not unfamiliar to any audience. In fact, such moments have inspired many wanting to become a lawyer to do good and make a difference. Your role models could have been living on-screen or real-life legends, or you simply decided to choose law as a profession for practical purposes. 


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Law continues to be one of the coveted professions internationally. With the elite schools of the country offering acceptance rates as low as 6.85%, the competition is fiercer than ever. Between LSATs, admission essays, recommendation letters, and the anxiety of it all; the whole process is quite overwhelming for almost every student. 

In this article, we will list tips that can help you get on the right track when applying to law school. 

About Law Schools 

Most law students are sure to have a specific school in mind or at least a list of priorities. Many prominent colleges conduct events and tours for prospective students to get a picture of the campus and the possibilities. 


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Make sure that you are following the pages of your favorite colleges to note of any such events. Open-days at campus and alumni events provide excellent opportunities to acquaint with the professors, the school itself, and current students. 

Becoming a Wordsmith 

Polishing your writing skills will undeniably help in getting you into law school and performing well there. This will give you confidence in presenting yourself through the application essay as well. Also, keep in mind that expressing your thoughts in concise, laconic, and informative phrases is almost imperative for a career in law. 

Choosing the Undergraduate Majors

There is no universal advice on choosing any specific major, though it is widely acclaimed that a few will prepare you the best for the future. 

However, these might not always be related to law. Derek T. Muller, a law professor at Pepperdine University, studies a list of majors and respective LSAT scores of prospective students. He observed that students who majored in classics, philosophy, language, and mathematics performed incredibly well in their LSATs. 


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What you can infer is there is no need to restrict yourself to conventional choices alone. In the end, what might matter is which subject you are passionate about. There are many fields that can enhance your critical thinking as well as get you good scores. 

Interacting with Professors

Glowing recommendations can surely make you stand out from the crowd. Building rapport with professors is beneficial in several ways. Consider it as an important networking part. You can engage with them, further improving your chances of getting good recommendations. 

Make it a point to be active during class discussions and lectures. This will also make them notice you. Also, take the initiative to discuss your performance. Who knows, they might even give you valuable insights on your application. 

Connecting with Pre-law Groups 

If the law school has always been your priority, then you should not limit yourself to preparation on your own. 

Pre-law societies such as Phi Alpha Delta can help you connect and interact with future students and colleagues. Almost every prominent law college also has its own pre-law organization set up. 

Forming a professional network this early can get you advice on the preparation, schools, and even good recommendations. 

Prepare for LSAT as Early as Possible 

Last but not least, there are no shortcuts to tackle the one big hurdle that will decide your future in law. LSAT is not the kind of exam that cramming could help you with. 

It requires preparation and great effort put into it. Today you can easily find apps and websites with unlimited resources to prepare for the LSAT. Take as many practice exams as you can, time yourself and improve. It is undeniably the most important part of your admission. 

Final Words

As Frank Tyger once put it, “Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose.” For getting into law school, a burning ambition has to be endorsed with enough proof and effort. 

It is not only the scores that matter, but your vision too. The period can be challenging, but when you finally receive that admission approval, everything would seem worth it. 

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  1. Sara says:

    It is not only the scores that matter, but your vision too. The period can be challenging, but when you finally receive that admission approval, everything would seem worth it.

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